Gibbs Quadski Amphibious ATV

Gibbs Quadski Amphibious ATV

Amphibious quad bike is an innovative all terrain vehicle that seamlessly transitions between land and water.

Gibbs Quadski has the ability to transition from an ATV into a personal watercraft in just five seconds.

It features unique retraction system, proprietary Gibbs jet drive, and comfortably padded seats for two riders weighing up to 350 lbs.

With a 15-gallon fuel tank, it offers a 250-mile range on land and three hours of water operation.

Available in various colors, the Quadski delivers an exciting experience.

The world’s first amphibious ATV lets you conquer both land and water at speeds up to 45 mph ( 72 km/h ).

Gibbs Quadski

Quadski Amphibious ATV

The Amphibious ATV

Gibbs Quadski

Amphibious ATV

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