Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings

Charlotte Hughes-Martin is a talented British artist that likes to engrave milk bottles with unique designs and leave them on random doorsteps.

According to the artist, the goal of Milk Bottle Project is to have a bit of fun and to release art into the world.

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings 2

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings 3

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings 4

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings 5

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings 6

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings 7

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings 8

Beautiful Milk Bottle Engravings 9

Milk Bottle Engravings

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  1. oria

    Nice but I guess how do they look like when they are full of milk.

  2. paul

    Toxel is getting boring!

  3. will


  4. Megan

    I love glass art. Very impressive!

  5. mostafa

    not amusing!

  6. Manish Ahuja

    That’s awesome :)

  7. Moo

    Agreed. Spice it up a little, Toxel. Get back to more of what got me hooked! Otherwise, well, I think I may have to find a new part-time web mistress…

  8. Ben

    Feather art and Bottle art are both boring

  9. Den

    I like it how some people turn something ordinary into extraordinary! We can’t expect fireworks out of the bottle! ;-)

  10. Karin L. Stewart

    Very unusual and very creative!

  11. lu

    To the complainers: Why won’t YOU guys contribute something then? Geez. No one is forcing you stay on this site either.

  12. niol

    how does one engrave.

  13. MochiPu

    cool~ :D i like it~

  14. marker

    100% kitsch. again.

  15. tech-mad

    i think it’s great how the artist gives away her work. very inspirational.

  16. Julie

    This is kinda cool, but I agree with above.. Toxel’s losin its spark..

  17. Gidone

    Nice collection, would like to have one myself.

  18. Graydian

    @ complainers: **** off and make your own ” super cool amazing website that never gets boring”

    anyway. long live dairy crest.

  19. delere

    I can appreciate the skill involved, but seriously these are not very interesting at all.

  20. anelli

    Pretty impressive and extraordinary.

  21. tui

    I love the fact that this art is truly unselfish and giving back. This is art the way art should be. Wonderful!

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