Beard and Mustache Championship

Beard and Mustache Championship

Beautiful portraits of men with impressive beards and eye-catching mustaches captured by Las Vegas based photographer Greg Anderson.

Amazing photos of people with cool facial hair were taken at the National Beard and Mustache Championships in New Orleans.

Moustache Championship

Beard Competition

Mustache Championship

Moustache Show

Mustache Competition


Moustache Competition

Mustache Show

Greg Anderson Photography

Beard and Moustache Championships

2013 Beard and Mustache Championship

Beard and Moustache Championship


Beards and Mustaches

Greg Anderson

Beards and Moustaches


Photographer Greg Anderson

2013 Beard and Mustache Championships


Beard Show

Beard Championship

Beard and Mustache Championships

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  1. Betty

    Wow! these are fantastic photos and gorgeous specimens of facing hair. An extra special nod goes to the wardrobe stylist as well–brilliant work!!

  2. Nerrisa

    i like the colonel sanders one

  3. eddie

    Hail facial hair!

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