Water Skiing Chair

Water Skiing Chair

Air Chair combines exhilarating sport of water skiing with a hydrofoil system.

Wing like structure attached to a three foot post creates the lift that allows the chair to glide smoothly over water.

Air Chair

Hydrofoil Air Chair


Hydrofoil Chair


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  1. pete

    that is crazy. so cool

  2. wat


  3. secret


  4. RedBeardDog

    I believe there is something missing, like a… fishing pole.

  5. Kahn

    Not exactly new…
    I saw some guy doing this in Belgium back in 2004…
    But I must admit it’s still a bit impressive

  6. Lushe

    I remember this from the 1990’s. It was pre-wake boards

  7. Alex

    What if someone is swimming in the water…ouch!

  8. Fillibert

    New Paralympic sport anyone?…

  9. JTKirk

    yeah, this thing was designed for big wave surfing in the 90s by Laird Hamilton and his crew out in hawaii. the original was a surf board and not a seat on top.

  10. Dale

    So Old, and so lame!

  11. Doink

    There’s something fishy about this chair =)

  12. graftik

    Isn’t it dangerous? What if you fall around into the water – you can’t really swim, can you?

  13. suppery

    ummmmmmm…. no one else though this was a really lazy bit of engineering and design? sitting down while doing an extreme water sport…lol

  14. Sydney

    Sooooooo lazy!

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