Miniature Food

Miniature Food

Realistic food sculptures handmade out of polymer clay by Shay Aaron.

Israeli artist creates miniatures of delicious food from around the world.


Miniature Food by Shay Aaron


Tiny Food


Miniature Food Sculptures by Shay Aaron


Miniature Food Sculptures


Tiny Food Sculptures


Mini Food by Shay Aaron

Donuts and Cookies

Shay Aaron


Food Miniatures

Tiny Food Sculptures by Shay Aaron

Tiny Food by Shay Aaron


Mini Food Sculptures by Shay Aaron


Miniature Fruit


Miniature Bread


Food by Shay Aaron


Mini Food Sculptures


Mini Food

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  1. woops

    My eyes deceive me

  2. AMADO

    wow !! i can’t believe such cute sculpture, very nice :)

  3. Lilia Smiles

    I can’t believe it looks so real and the different textures are perfect!

  4. MasterOche

    Gr8 4 a diet!! The crown on the pineapple
    needs 2 look more like a bromelia. But awesome!!!

  5. Mel

    How cute!

  6. Rob

    :-( …Now I’m hungry! Gotta go make me a sammich!

  7. Libeerian

    I could eat, like, a million of those things.

  8. Douglas

    Sold on Etsy as jewelry. There are many, many more on the guys Etsy site.
    Amazing detail for the size.

  9. Josh

    Too good.
    I think it is real food and the man is a giant.

  10. Ti

    Wow!!! They are sooooo cute.

  11. themenace

    i just want to eat them.

  12. Janus

    The texture and detail is simply amazing.

  13. Enrico Martinez

    More than it meets the eyes!

    Without the Caption Title, it would be
    either the food are miniatures, or
    they made gigantic fingers, match, and coin.


  14. Rebekah

    But are they kosher though lol :-) Fantastic detail in all miniatures.

  15. RIver

    AMAAHHHHHZING! wow wow wow wow!!! so CUTE and perfect and realistic!

  16. MARIA

    how much are the cookies and donuts and salad?

  17. Olivia Alfonso

    They are so good!! I can’t believe it’s actually possible. Are they actually made of clay or is the maker tricking us while the food’s actually real?

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