12 Cool and Stylish Modern Beds

12 Cool and Stylish Modern Beds

Collection of cool modern beds and contemporary bed designs that will look great any bedroom.

Floating Platform Bed

Stylish floating platform bed designed by Holger Wissmann.

Floating Platform Bed

Wave Bed

Modern double bed designed by Karsten and Jakob Gudiksen.

Wave Bed

Cardboard Bed

This bed is made from cardboard that is folded like an accordion.

Cardboard Bed

Spring Bed

The springs ensure a comfortably responding support irrespective of the hardness of the mattress. Your bed partner can easily turn around without waking you up.

Spring Bed

Air Conditioned Bed

Using extremely quiet dual-fans at the end of the bed, cool air is pulled in from behind your head and circulated through the soft membrane which also acts as an air-cushion.

Air Conditioned Bed

Egg Bed

Cool egg-shaped futuristic bed designed by Günther Thöny.

Egg Bed

Egg Shaped Bed

Ceiling Bed

BedUp system saves space by storing your bed near the ceiling.

Ceiling Bed

Hamburger Bed

Creative bed by Kayla Kromer looks like a giant hamburger. You will need unique bed frame for this bed.

Hamburger Bed

Air Bed

Letto platform bed from designer Daniele Lago gives the illusion that the bed is floating in the air.

Air Bed

Urano Bed

Beautiful S-shaped bed designed by Leonardo Dainelli.

Urano Bed

Sonic Bed

Modern bed by Kaffe Matthews looks like a big coffin and includes loud speakers with subwoofers.

Sonic Bed

Curve Bed

This unusual contemporary bed is hand produced in France. It is available in numerous colors and two distinct finishes.

Curve Bed

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  1. Manish Ahuja

    Like always even with this post, Toxel has managed to collect and display some of the most brilliant ideas. Simply OUTSTANDING guys. Love your site :)

  2. Final

    Cardboard Bed , Perfect for hobos haha

  3. GustaveCo


  4. whose

    so beatiful…cannot decide which one is the better choice…

  5. RL Creative

    Aww…I like the egg bed and the ceiling bed and the air floating bed is awesome….and the curve bed…damn, I love all of them !!! :D

  6. Vanessa

    I love the ceiling bed but I’d be afraid of it falling on me, or it coming down too fast and too low. Too many things to worry about compared to a grounded bed!

  7. CrazyGentleMan

    They look so cool !! but i like my own bed :)

  8. Denis

    Jeez…I just got up but could use some of these!
    Really nice beds!

  9. Mask

    :O those are so cool. i wish i had more monies so i could buy one of these.

  10. Karin L. Stewart

    Some absolutely fierce designs!!!

  11. Karen

    sonic… huh, get one of those, project a movie onto your ceiling and bam, you’ve got the world’s most comfortable home movie theater :D i want one.

  12. Cwmill

    love ’em all!
    i like how they say “will look great any bedroom.” – p dpnt really believe that…

  13. Dennis Hall

    The Hamburger Bed, upon first observation for me, was what Malcolm Gladwell espoused in his book Blink. It’s simply genius, and I wonder why I’ve never seen one before. I hope if comes with foam fries for for pillow fights. It also brings new meaning to buns up.

    Thank you for sharing! Dennis

  14. tunguy3n

    these are awesomes !! hhmm wishlist for x-mas 2010? =D

  15. Mr.Great

    It is hard to tell if these are for sale, or are they just for display? Toxel should separate them into categories.


  16. latincrow

    i want that egg bed so bad T.T

  17. Richi

    Lmao, it was all good till I scrolled to the Hamburger Bed. Why is it in this list?

  18. Alex

    I love the sonic bed.

  19. Fresh

    these are all so incredible! i especially love the egg, sonic, and curve beds

  20. mostafa

    still need to work on , smaller size bed for small , space .

  21. Bean

    The sonic bed is so cool! I also love the egg, and the ceiling one is great for tiny spaces.

  22. Reilly

    How does a bed made from cardboard support the average human? And what’s with the guy who looks like he’s about to spew?

  23. elga

    the ssonic bedis so cool!!!!

  24. Dietrich

    the ceiling bed concept is perfect for small units!!

  25. Drew designs

    Upbed is such a great idea, they should use that in dorm rooms.

  26. Inventa

    Sooo cool! We really love your blog!

  27. victoriahanna

    i absoloutely love the egg bed, it looks so comfortable and it doesn’t look like it takes up too much space. The ceiling bed is so cool.

  28. ChEeSe

    my cousin acually has the hamburger one:)

  29. UltraRay

    Cool!!! LOVE the ceiling bed!!

  30. Sarah

    I love the egg bed, but it’s probably not too moving-friendly :)

  31. Alice

    love the egg bed but not sure how comfortable it is

  32. Alice

    If I gad the ceiling bed I would have somebody move it back up into the roof with me on it!

  33. simas

    I love Sonic Bed

  34. HSJ

    sonic bed and air bed loved both of them

  35. rs

    All way to expensive wish i could afford one!! someone buy me the egg bed :D

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