Stuffed Animal Beds

Stuffed Animal Beds

Creative bed sheets transform regular beds into giant stuffed animals.

T-Rex Incredibed and Floppy Dog Incredibed were designed to fit over any twin size bed. With long soft arms to cuddle, your child is sure to feel completely safe and secure in the bedroom.

T-Rex Incredibed


Dog Incredibed

Stuffed Animal Bed

Floppy Dog Incredibed

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  1. chels

    it looks like the t-rex is flipping us off with his toes in the last picture of him.

  2. Urburos

    Furniture for the next generation of furries with weird fetishes.

  3. Sharyn

    What an awesome idea! I kind of wish they came in queen size too

  4. Liz

    That’s freakin’ scary. xD

  5. Aerwhyn

    So, you put on the night light for your kids and this great looming shadowy figure appears on the wall. You jump in surprise only to realise it’s the creepy-smiling T-rex bed cover you got for your child.

    Anyone else find those smiling faces disturbing? An who names their child TY?

    Also, I agree with both chels and Urburos. You guys made me laugh.

  6. gunneos

    monster’s inc.


    i luv it

  8. Kat

    It would be cool if they could create a Totoro one.

  9. Katie

    I like them, it’s a cool idea. Just a little creepily executed…

  10. Nat

    These dont look washable. Bring on the pee stains

  11. Really?

    @Aerwhyn Ty is a pretty common nickname for a Tyler..
    I agree with ya though.

  12. angelica

    and to clean???!!!!!

  13. cherryblossom

    LOL Not to be mean to anyone or anything but Urburos, I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!

    lol I’ve got to show this to tha furry peoples! lmao!

  14. Gert

    I think they need to make a tauntaun one… Then again, my kid would try to slit that open and stuff someone it it.

  15. angel

    I wish I had a bed like that girl.But my mom would freak out. :)

  16. Araceli

    How much are they

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