Modern Beds and Creative Bed Designs

Modern Beds and Creative Bed Designs

Collection of modern beds and creative bed designs from all over the world.

Housefish Suspended Bed

Creative suspended bed held by machined aluminum, stainless steel tension cables. The mattress platform is held completely rigid – it does not swing or sway.

Housefish Suspended Bed

Float Bed

$25,000 Float Bed by David Trubridge, a New Zealand designer.

Float Bed

Sampon Daybed Outdoor Bed

Amazing outdoor bed design from Lifeshop Collection.

Sampon Daybed Outdoor Bed

Floating Bed Chicago

Floating Bed Chicago by Robert Bernstein – the four supporting cables at the corners of the bed go straight up vertically to the ceiling.

Floating Bed Chicago

Geometric Bed

Ness faceted geometric bed by Jakob+MacFarlane.

Geometric Bed

The Embrace Lounge

Creative lounge by Lost Angeles based designer Tanya Aguiñiga.

The Embrace Lounge

The Embrace Lounge 2

Tree Bed

Creative $15,000 Tree bed by Shawn Lovell.

Tree bed

Private Cloud Rocking Bed

The Private Cloud is a patented rocking bed by German designer Manuel Kloker.

Private Cloud Rocking Bed

Private Cloud Rocking Bed 2

Flotiform Bed

Creative bed design. Pull out side tables with cup holders can be ordered for one or both sides of the bed.

Flotiform Bed

Flotiform Bed Side Table

Sleeping Tube

Futuristic two metre “sleeping tube”.

Sleeping Tube

Sunset Chaise Lounge

This elegant piece by Rausch, designed for luxurious poolside lounging, could easily be mistaken for a dramatic outdoor sculpture.

Sunset Chaise Lounge

Terminal 1 Daybed

It is elegant, fluid, and harmonic, starting from a lucid plastic body, floating on a metallic frame, and varnished with the same colour but with a matt finishing. Its shape invites and supports its double function as an arm-chair and chaise longue.

Terminal 1 Daybed

Magnetic Floating Bed

Conventional furniture is in contact with the earth through gravity. Floating Bed overcomes this fundamental power and falls towards the sky. Four thin cables assure its motionless position and form the only contact with the ground.

Magnetic Floating Bed

The Scoop Bed

Scoop! is a sophisticated and innovative answer to the demand for combinig the sofa function with the bed function. The two semi-circular sides of the bed can be separated resulting in two new pieces of furniture.

The Scoop Bed

The Scoop Bed 2

Disposable Cardboard Bed

Innovative bed design that may prove handy for poor homeless people worldwide.

Disposable Cardboard Bed

Ohm Transformable Bed

Ohm is a bed that can be transformed into two individual beds or used as a bench.

Ohm Bed

Ohm Transformable Bed

Modern Beds

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  1. Paul

    have a look at this rustic bed

    nice site thanks


  2. Miyami Tamaki

    Wow! Really good………..

  3. Cody Williams

    That is just to cool.

  4. kenneth glenn

    These are great.

  5. Takashi Kusuma

    Man that’s really cool

  6. Romely

    OMG !!! this is amazing
    I just loved it !
    Thank you very much for that smile on my face
    I surely know how my bed should look like now
    Outdoor beds rock =)

  7. ChiHaw

    Wow! I like the Scoop Bed.

  8. isabelle_yang

    The magnetic floating one has an awesome concept.

  9. our thoughts on social media

    staring at those design, we’ll make you say what in the world is goin on!

  10. stevensalve

    The magnetic floating one has an awesome………

  11. Mac

    “Chaise Lounge” is misspelled. It’s supposed to be Chaise Longue, French for “long chair.”

  12. Anon

    The magnetic bed isn’t a concept. I think that the last figure I saw for it was $5000.

  13. Zazzu

    Wonderfully creative sleep places!

  14. bob

    Sleeping on a magnet cant be good for ur heart, better chill on the iron supplements if u do.. ;)

  15. jasen

    Nice collection of designer beds. Wow awesome Magnetic floating bed i love that!! give thumb up on SU!!

  16. kamesh

    the scoop bed and sleeping tube are spacing saving beds, too good.

  17. Subhadeep

    That’s great deal.
    Reallyyyyyyy Great

  18. Doug

    Creative sleep devices…I absolutely want a “House fish bed”.

  19. Joe

    The Housefish suspended bed is a great idea. Here’s why. My wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and getting into and out of most beds is difficult. Most beds are too low and place strain on her knees and hips. This bed could be adjusted for height with the addition of turnbuckles in the cables. Her bed height requirements change depending on level of RA activity. If an electric motor could be incorporated it would be a great boon. I have converted and car power seat for indoor use. Why don’t we have those in regular furniture? You know the remote unlock for your car door, why not on our house door?

  20. brian

    really cool beds. Are the comfortable?
    I like the cool look, and the style is Awsome!
    good for people who have back pain and have trouble getting all the way down on a flat bed.

  21. donkmarch

    great design of bed, I wonder where you get that pics ?

  22. James Adisa

    Really really cool Beds… Are they comfortable? They all sure look it!

  23. chantel

    Its such a pleasure to look at beauty…always.
    I particualarly loved the rocking bed idea and the boat bed much better than the repetative (but affordable) beds down at argos *chuckle*

  24. Zaby

    Ohm bed looks cool.

  25. aidan

    i loved the tree bed! & dude this is amazing!

  26. Ashley

    Very cool but most of them don’t look very comfortable.

  27. sandy

    so nice to c so many varities of bed

  28. blakwidoe

    Nice beds, but What homeless person is going to be able to get enough money for the cardboard bed? I mean these are “designer” beds. I’m sure if they had money, the last thing they will buy with it is a cardboard bed.What ha[[ens the first time it really pours rain, ever seen wet cardboard and how unstable it becomes?
    I love the rocking bed. I’d love to have one :)
    Nice job on the pictures!!

  29. Ann-Marie Clements

    Where do I get any of these beds in Atlantic Canada or Saint John, New Brunswick????


  30. Fiaz A

    thank you stumble upon! this is amazing!!

  31. Juz

    The tree bed gets my favourite, so pretty

  32. Arwen-PrincesaElfa-

    Super nice!

  33. Lola

    Wowww awsome beds, thanks for sharing :)



  35. Angie

    i like the designs, very original :)

  36. Rachana

    cool to sleep on it.

  37. Online hry zdarma

    Cool designs. I like bed furnitures .. .

  38. jadism

    some were cool, some were a bit weak. nice stumble!

  39. Graham Thomas

    The Cardboard Bed is a MUST for those poor people whom are homeless. They would require a waterproof coating , and could be dispensed each night from a Central Depot . Government funding essential. A humane and kind idea .

  40. Ann

    My favorite is the Cloud Rocker Bed! This could be very soothing. Great Stumble!

  41. heck v

    I Send this to my two son there are great and unique concept I like then all enjoy the site

  42. sage T

    lol cardboard bed looks perfect for homeless people

  43. Maddie

    Mac….that would only matter if this were a French/English translation lesson or a spelling test. Otherwise, it’s really just to appreciate design.

    I love the tree bed…beautiful !

  44. Scout Chief

    Great ideas… Some better for camping than others.

  45. john

    i want one of these!
    noooo, i want all of them!
    i think i will stick with the second one…

  46. spinx

    OMG this is really amazing.i like the magnet bed at the floating one.thanks for sharing this photos…xD

  47. mehmet

    Really really cool Beds

  48. Nestor

    The sleeping tube is funny

  49. alex

    the disposable cardboard bed cracks me up!

  50. ESD

    lol so cute!

  51. ESD

    i want a magnet bed!!!!!!!!!

  52. dauda

    BEAUTIFULLLLLLL beds!! so now how can one get his hands on them?

  53. RJD479

    Actually very creative. However, some are not designed for an imbiber. Too dangerous.

  54. tarık

    super orjinal

  55. Kelly

    I loved the beds… if I was filthy rich I would have at least 5 of these in my room and then at bed time just decide in which one I want to sleep in…
    lovely indeedly…

  56. GSPbirel56

    I wanted to compliment the private rocking bed. That would be fun! The cardboard and olm were also favs too. Thumbs Up on SU!

  57. Curtis Kulp

    The Chicago Floating Bed is awesome!

  58. Bubba Button

    Inspirational designs! It’s amazing how we can continue to reinvent things that have been used for centuries.

  59. Nils

    I like the geometric one. Would be neat if you could get that as a frame from a car.

  60. Paul

    I love the creativity of the beds, but I think I would be too freaked out to sleep in any of them.

  61. abracababra

    wow.. i cant decide which one i like the best!

  62. beds

    Those designs are all wonderful! :)

  63. Jurgen

    Where can we buy those beds?

  64. mohd ariff


    This is modern world, people are being creative. They aren’t for ordinary people but for the affordable who living with technology thats required changes at all times.

  65. Chi Zhee

    I bought Scoop bed are let mi tell you this amazing. comfiest ever bed. 感謝你為這個驚人的床。我很自豪能夠成為一張床主人.

    love with


  66. Arkats

    Love the magnetic floating bed. Freight would be cheap too since it would be lightening the load by lifting against the roof of the truck.

  67. William

    These are fantastic, very creative & stylish!

  68. ogz

    nice :P

  69. Chaitanya

    The Private Cloud Rocking Bed is a gift for meditation.

  70. pickle

    Omg! some of those beds would SCARE me! wouldn’t you roll around in round beds?! You’d just be sleeping then,
    whoops! i rolled away.
    scary. scary man.

  71. min

    O.K the sleeping tube is just stupid. It’s like using a sleeping bag, but it takes up more space. I like the magnetic bed, though.

  72. Abhishek727

    Really good ideas.Personally I like the private cloud rocking bed-mind you just the design and not the concept. The design is good. If you have a medium size room-like a guest room then all you need is this bed and perhaps a chair or two and your room wouldn’t look sparsely done but would charm one and all.
    Almost all the designs are good except perhaps for the cardboard one which i feel is not a practical solution. Good concept, just not practical!

  73. SSup

    they r nise

  74. Jennifer Farley

    I love the float bed.

  75. pablo andre


  76. Ayesha

    Wish I cud hava bed like one of them!!!

  77. Irishness

    i like the rocking bed!!!!!!!!

  78. Amit Panchal

    I like tree bad & sunset bad in all this !!

  79. hemant parmar

    how i get one of this all design. plz reply me as soon as possible bye cya

  80. Phaoloo

    I can sleep all day on one of these beds :D

  81. PelFusion

    already feeling sleepy :)

  82. masood

    No-doubt they are unique, but how I can get one?

  83. Animatrick

    I really appreciate simple,modern design.

  84. Chillychops

    Really fabulous

  85. Myles McKenzie

    Very unique bed designs!

  86. SukArtOen

    Wow … cool

  87. Ruby

    I just love how people come up with things from nature.The Tree bed by Shawn Lovell is beautiful!!!

  88. Amanda

    okay do i really want to slepp in this tube… bed it is the most coolest thing in the world. michael jakcso rocks and it da bomb

  89. Deal Gal

    A great deal of creativity went into these designs. Simply amazing!

  90. eagle1140

    oow very good.

  91. steven

    nice beds really good site

  92. kiran

    super and cool good

  93. Ebony Bowie

    Beautiful. The tree bed and the private rocking bed are glorious.

  94. amy

    those were awesome that circle bed was sooooocool u should lower the prices

  95. akshata

    outstanding designs

  96. JCG

    These are some of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen. Can you ship to the Caribbean, or are there Caribbean-based suppliers/distributors?

  97. Wade Fox

    The scoop bed is a perfect solution for a studio apartment or a small cottage. Thanks for this post.

  98. farhan

    reallyyyyyyy creative and cool designs.
    i like it……..

  99. Rose

    I’m hoping the rocking bed is designed not to roll over if rocked too hard..if you get my drift ;D

  100. smith

    i want to order a bed can some one help me ! please

  101. hope

    OMG! I want that floating magnet bed!!!

  102. viv

    i liked the tree bed alot

  103. ramathan

    they are nice beds but i do want try make them.

  104. ChEeSe

    WOW!! i LOVE the tree one! its amazing i would make me feel like im outside!!

  105. pratham

    i loved the tree one design

  106. Garima kaushik Malik

    Embrace lounge, float bed and the Magnetic one are superb. Very creative designs.

  107. Nina

    Is it just me or did others find the ‘homeless’ bed write up inappropriate and condescending?

  108. Alice

    the geometric bed, the private cloud rocking bed, and the sampon daybed outdoor bed are really awesome looking

  109. Alice

    love the scoop bed!!!

  110. rahuman

    superb…… really superb!!

  111. rbrbh54

    my friend said that the last bed was for a pimp hobo and for prostitution, (;

  112. احمد

    واقعا خيلي باحالند.

  113. abm

    very good collection i loved it

  114. Elizabeth

    I like SCOOP and ROCKING BED
    I love bed.

  115. Masimba


  116. happy

    superb…….these are really excellent beds specially floating and housefish suspended

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