12 Innovative and Creative Forks

12 Innovative and Creative Forks

Collection of the most unusual modern forks and innovative fork designs from all over the world.


Spoon-fork-knife combo brings a bit of civilization to the wild and a bit of the wild to civilization. [buy]


NyFork Pizza Fork

Innovative fork allows you to slice and eat pizza with one utensil. [more]

Pizza Fork

Airfork One

Just the thing to bring mashed potatoes in for a safe landing.

Airfork One

Calamete Pasta Fork

Japanese fork made for spinning noodles with ease is perfect for any spaghetti or other long noodle lover.

Pasta Fork

Fork Fan

Cools down all “too hot” to eat foods before they get to your mouth.

Fork Fan

Oyster Fork

Double ended oyster fork and knife combo. Use the blade to separate the oyster from its shell and eat it with the fork.

Oyster Fork

Finger Fork

Stainless steel finger forks are ideal for buffets and parties.

Finger Fork

Popcorn Fork

No more messy fingers! Popcorn fork comes with a built in salt shaker in the handle.

Popcorn Fork

Chopsticks Aid

Fork face that attaches to chopsticks, turning them into a fork.

Chopsticks Aid

Hard Rock Cafe Fork

Creative fork designed to represent the spirit of Hard Rock Cafe.

Hard Rock Cafe Fork

Bottle Opener Fork

Cool stainless steel fork doubles as a useful bottle opener. [more]

Bottle Opener Fork

Twister Fork

Wavy tines keep the pasta in place so you can focus on the taste.

Twister Fork

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  1. HeapsGoodProductions

    I love the AirFork and ForkFan :D

  2. Sachawinter

    Not sure about the pizza slicer/fork combo.. might be more work than just the fork itself. LOVE the finger fork though, no more messy finger food!

  3. greenbike

    I have the spork, and carry it everywhere, it is so handy and useful! And smart thinking too as the knife tines are pointed towards the tines of the fork so they dont cut the side of your mouth

  4. Grover

    What the fork…?

  5. Bob

    Finger Fork and Fan Fork = win

  6. smeshnoj

    Hard Rock Cafe Fork — Super! I want to myself such plug!!!

  7. Alaev

    Rock fork – it’s true!
    Funny pics!

  8. Cory

    Oyster Fork will end disasterously

  9. Dan

    @smeshnoj: LOL – I think your translation app is broken.

  10. smeshnoj

    @Dan I often truant from school :)

  11. sebastian

    PizzaFork looks like it could be dangerous!!!

  12. Rodney

    Popcorn fork? Are we that snooty? Part of the pleasure of eating popcorn is getting the butter all over the hands.

  13. gsaint

    Oyster fork looks like a fork that was welded to a scalpel.

    Finger forks reminds me of Freddy Kruger for some reason…

    I can really appreciate the Twister design :)

    nice collection Toxel.

  14. Katira

    pizza fork, going into mouth, mmmm delicious except my chin is being sliced open

  15. EpicEraser

    You’re dealing with dangerous forces here…


  16. anna

    I own a spork

  17. Anonymous

    A knork? A KNORK?!

  18. Jessa

    OMG! I want… all of it! Especially the pizza cutter fork and the fan fork, LOL!! and the… knaspork thing, LMFAO!!

  19. Richard

    I’ve got to ask why? It’s pretty funny but pretty useless – much like Philip Starcks stuff!

  20. John

    Great work, I loved it. Something total different then the norm.

    John from Australia

  21. Hannah

    The fan fork is creatvive, and the noodle forks!

  22. Rosochka_Crotton

    pretty finger fork!! I want one))
    an one Chopsticks Aid too))

  23. meme

    A bottle opener on a fork? Are we now eating our drinks with a fork?

  24. G. Rain

    My GOD!!! please… Nothing of this stuff reaches the hands. anyway it is cool. :)

  25. Pieter

    They are all forking brilliant!!!

  26. miKKKe jacKKK

    WOW! these are all just SO AMAZING! WOW I Just can NOT believe all of these WONDERFUL ideas! I can’t wait to own EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE, Little johnny can eat his mashed tatos and nonna can eat the pizza of her DREAMS finally (without having to take her teeth out to clean after)and Billy Bob will be able to eat his dinner AND open his own beers! wow… this is EPIC.. these are just PHENOMENOL .. wow.. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))) technology now’a days .. the finger fork, the POPCORN FORK? Which genius created all of this?? i love crazy forks!!!!

  27. GUCCI

    Rock star life style might don’t make it wit dat fo’k

  28. Nicole Allwein-Ortiz

    Wow! Now it’s time to eat… Time to go camping… Time to do just about ANYTHING!

  29. Rob Wallace

    I am an advocate for clever. Clearly these are forkin’ clever. Fertile and creative minds are the spark that keeps the energy of the universe in motion. You may quote me.

  30. noelramesh

    the 1 made like hands r realy wonderful

  31. tar

    The fan fork is a Worth1000 photoshop contest picture. I hate people who immediately dismiss anything as ‘shopped, but this one really is.

    The Hard Rock Cafe fork is an advertisement for that restaurant, and also therefore ‘shopped.

    And the pizza-cutter fork and the oyster fork are just horrific accidents waiting to happen.

    I like the wiggly one though.

  32. Evo

    That pizza fork.. I can’t see a meal ending without bloodshed!

  33. Look Lovely

    I would love to have that airplane fork. So good for visiting children. Not to mention me.

  34. Jenn @ Frugal Upstate

    These made me giggle, although that Spork actually could be useful in camping situations.

  35. BNDQ8

    lol!! nice ones… especially the pizza fork and the bottle opener one :D

  36. Kerstin

    Nice, but the Hard Rock Cafe one shouldn’t be on this page. That isn’t a design or concept for a new fork, it’s an -illustration- of the Hard Rock Cafe’s atmosphere.

  37. gnik

    Yup, Finger Fork should be paired with a Finger Spoon- Ideal for Buffets table,


  38. emrah tuncer

    chopstick fork is awesome

  39. David B

    Chopsticks Aid.. lol.

  40. Flo

    neat ideas – I like the chopstick fork the best!

  41. stella

    I wonder why anyone would waste their time on reinventing the wheel. If someone gets paid for such doodling, I’d love to join in. Nice job if you can get it.

  42. TheTrevor

    miKKKe jacKKK – do you have something wrong with you ? If you come up with something imaginative, funny, thought-provoking, pretty, interesting, or actually, ANYTHING – you just be sure to let me know, ok? Arsehole.

  43. Sara

    I totally use a spork at home. Even my boyfriend knows I prefer using it over a regular one. These are all classic ideas! I love the airplane one. Should definitely get one for my daughter. :)

  44. Robert

    Some really novel ideas here. Especially like the pizza cutter fork – negates the need for a knife and serves some practical purpose especially for disabled people. Although of course the most fun way to eat pizza is with your fingers!

  45. Helen

    If u wanna try to eat human meat .. try to eat with a Pizza Fork……;-))

  46. bp

    unique designs

  47. Mono

    the airfork is not good for kids. the design is nice,but you don`t feed kids with forks.it`s dangerous
    and the calamete pasta fork if you`re not carefull you can get injured pretty easy.

  48. mono tard

    Um you don’t feed kids with forks? Are you kidding me? And the calamete pasta fork being dangerous as well? Jesus, if you get injured by a fork it’s natural selection.

  49. James


    Awesome ideas!

  50. jenkins

    finger fork and the first one is interesting!nice!

  51. nairuz

    amazing collection i just love it

  52. Sayne

    To all you saying the Pizza Fork is the most dangerous one here – how the hell deep in your mouth are you jamming a fork in the first place? If you’re already at risk of stabbing yourself in the back of the throat with a normal fork maybe this one isn’t for you. Though I’d call that one pretty useless anyway – any time I do come across a piece of pizza that can’t be just picked up (hurray for Chicago style) I just use the side of the fork to cut it. Really the only semi-practical one here is the spnork, but even that one looks like it’d pose a higher mouth-slicing risk than the pizza wheel.

  53. ted

    Calling the pizza fork the “NYFork” is a little odd, because we don’t use forks to eat pizza in New York. We fold it in half, lengthwise, to give it structure, hold a wad of napkins in your palm to catch the grease; and have at it.

  54. Rob

    But are these all dishwasher safe?

  55. bp i forget da rest

    those forks are wicked awesome but wouldn’t the oyster fork cut ur hand? I mean it would be really awkward and u would probably still cut yourself if you hold the fork in the middle

  56. andy

    Good ones.

  57. jamila el ouirdi

    lovely design
    i like the hard rock ones

  58. Maria Alessi

    Some really interesting designs. I love the humor and I for one could definitely do with a chopsticks aid! I know a few people who might be interested in the bottle opener too!

  59. Joe Heckman

    Looks like they are made for lazy people who don’t know how to use both hands.

  60. Jeffrey barton

    To everyone who says they have a spork. That is actually an ice cream fork. It used to be a sign of wealth showing that you could afford ice cream often enough to have a utensil spacifically for it.

  61. Erin klimo

    My mom always ate pizza with a fork then my uncle sent her the fork withthe pizza cutter and she hasnt went back to that plain fork since

  62. angel

    i wonder if they realy have the hard rock fork at the hard rock cafe

  63. Lucinda

    My son James saw the Airfork One, and said, “mummy i want that fork!”

  64. Judy

    Twister Fork – Very innovative. Up to the technology

  65. James

    Love the twister fork1

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