Creative and Unusual Cutlery Designs

Creative and Unusual Cutlery Designs

Modern cutlery and creative silverware designs that will spice up your dinner table and impress your guests.

Bite Silverware

Mark Reigelman has designed a set of “bitten” silverware to help raise awareness of worldwide epidemics such as starvation and obesity.

Bite Silverware


Wrench-handled knife, crescent-wrench spoon and ratchet fork. [buy]


Shape/Form Cutlery

Beautiful cutlery set designer by Lukas Peet from Canada.

Shape Form Cutlery

Dexter Cutlery

Each piece of cutlery is hand crafted and has it’s own character.

Dexter Cutlery

Ribbon Cutlery

Creative stainless steel cutlery designed by Makoto Yamaguchi.

Ribbon Cutlery

Flat Cutlery

Five pieces from the Flat Model flatware series by Josef Hoffman.

Flat Cutlery

Exhausted Cutlery

Cool cutlery follows the shape of objects it appears to collapse onto.

Exhausted Cutlery

Origin Cutlery

Unusual cutlery inspired by the very first human feeding means: teeth, nails, and hand palms.

Origin Cutlery

Natural Cutlery

Beautiful cutlery set merges traditional silver cutlery with the elegance of wood.

Natural Cutlery

Appetize Cutlery

Belgian designer Nedda El-Asmar has came up with this beautiful cutlery set, inspired by the oval shape of Japanese tea plant leaf.

Appetize Cutlery

Fish Cutlery

Each piece in this stainless steel cutlery set is whimsically fish-shaped, right down to tail, fins, mouth, and eyes. [buy]

Fish Cutlery

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  1. ajayjshah

    Really digging the natural cutlery. Now I’m hungry…

  2. GustaveCo

    The natural cutlery is gorgeous.

  3. aditia

    very unique, i bet this only avaliable on restaurant only

  4. Chris

    Seriously, gotta love the natural stuff. And the fish set is so original. I love it!

  5. Jani

    Very nice collection.

    The FISH Cutlery is just great :)

  6. Glenn Contreras

    “Shape” is so minimalist!!! I really like it, but my favourite is “Natural”… so chic!

  7. David Fitzgibbon

    Surely some of the spoons, like the Dexter cutlery ones, would just let the liquids through?! THey’re cool but I want the milk WITH my breakfast!

  8. Jerewhon

    Yes, but can you actually eat with some of these interesting and beautiful designs?

    Form vs Function.

  9. Karin L.

    Some pretty, some ridiculous, some great…..

  10. Anina

    As a big fan of Dexter guess which set I would buy…

    This is the greatest web site ever! :-D

  11. Kirvi Inci

    The vast majority of these are not useable. However, they are pleasing to the eye.

  12. Saracen

    Liked pretty much all of them, except for the Ribbon cutlery, didn’t look nearly as practical compared to others..

  13. Andrew

    Love these, i clicked on almost every link hoping one of them was for sale :)

  14. windy

    i can’t imagine how can i used that stuff when i wanna eat..
    but that’s very creative shapes!

  15. Ravi

    The Exhausted and natural are best…

  16. Valente

    Wow, the ribbon cutlery is really original! Must be hard to use though, but great to look at!

  17. Nikko

    I love the collection, I want the exhausted. :) cool.

  18. MIKEO

    what makes the natural cutlery natural? Metal isn’t natural? Go ahead cut down trees to make you luxurious forks, instead of recycling perfectly good metal.

  19. Li Nguyen

    I’m loving the fish set, I’d love to have the ‘bite’ set just for laughs with the dinner guests.

  20. jamal

    Good for decoration . I prefare eat with my hands .I am Asian .

  21. xoco

    loved the wood ones, looks like a 3d render.. wonder if they do exist?

  22. JoO

    The appetize have the coolest design.. nice to look at. but really i would prefere chop sticks. or hands. or functional cuttlery..

  23. ZachM

    Yea the Bite, Ribbon, and Dexter sets are impractical, and I agree the Natural is the best, followed by the Appetize.

  24. malinkin

    seems that designers were so exited about their ideas that they forgot what this stuff is made for.

  25. kelly

    my favorite are the natural and appetize ones. beautiful!

  26. j

    I love the fish and origin ones! “natural” doesn’t look so natural. Origin has more organic shapes, which is what I’m into.

  27. Jaqi Mugo

    The BITE and EXHAUSTED cutlery are hilarious, excellent conversation pieces! :D

  28. Theraisa K

    There’s a few pieces in there that I’d buy. I especially like the wrench/tools and the last one that look like fish. Very cool!

  29. Mary

    They are really different. I would like to have had a couple of them also. I like the unusual things.

  30. bill billy billison

    Natural for the win!

  31. Michael Maximino

    kso, this is pretty sick. ive never left a comment on a site, but this is pretty intenceee :)(L)

  32. KJuly

    Pretty good! :)

  33. Rown

    ridiculous and great…

  34. PassFade

    “Mark Reigelman has designed a set of “bitten” silverware to help raise awareness of worldwide epidemics such as starvation and obesity.”

    Followed by a page of extravagant luxury items. Exemplary of bourgeoisie hypocrisy and decadence.

  35. mystery girl in autumn

    omg wow so cute i loves it ppl

  36. Chris

    Oh, come on. “Wrench”-handled knife? Those are the jaws of common pliers. “Crescent-wrench” spoon? That’s a simple open-end wrench. “Ratchet”-handled fork? That’s a box-end wrench.

    They’re cute, but not at all what was described — makes the rest of the page look silly.

  37. Alphabetix

    Those cutlery are beyond cool!

  38. Jack

    Dexter Cutlery, the disable in cutlery. No beauty or function at all.

  39. Den

    The Appetize Cutlery is just too good!

  40. Brian

    i dont know if you realize this… but metal work, just as painting, drawing, and ceramics is an art form, my preferred art form to be exact…. not every piece of art has to be functional…

  41. Evo

    I love the Flat cutlery!

  42. John

    Some are creative and beautiful, others are a bit on the side of whimsy and not at all realistic. I have made my own and prefer form follows function, so I have crafted them to fit the shape of hand food and mouth to be ideally functional. Surprisingly, that also sets them in with those seen here. I used stainless steel, pressed to shape and polished.

    Imagine that! Functional art. Whoda thunk!

  43. Pasha

    I was thinking what’s the point of all this creative stuff that design website listing them, where we can buy it, and then I realized that you provided the links. Great.

  44. BonnieEnchantix

    I luv the Fish set! Where does one get it?

  45. Elaine

    All fab, but where are the prices??

  46. EPIC

    i wish i had all of those cutlery

  47. aaron

    bit cutlery amazing

  48. Lana Johnson

    where can I buy the fish cutlery?

  49. Thanos

    Hey, I’ve seen the cutlery set above and went crazy!!!
    I’m talking about the wood and steel ones.
    Where can I get some?

  50. James

    Love the natural cutlery!

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