Unique and Creative Pizza Cutter Designs

Unique and Creative Pizza Cutter Designs

Creative pizza cutters that try to improve the pizza eating experience.

Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

Show that pizza you mean business with Pizza Pro 3000 circular saw pizza cutter. It’ll blast thru pepperoni, extra cheese, even those pesky anchovies. It is built from tough engineering-grade plastics and the laser-etched stainless blade has a removable shield for easy clean-up. [buy now]

Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

Circular Saw Pizza Cutter 2

Pizza Fork/Pizza Cutter

NyFork allows you to slice and eat pizza with one utensil.

Pizza Fork

NyFork Pizza Cutter

Scizza Pizza Cutter

Tired of damaging your plates and trays as you slice up your pizza? These ergonomic scissors feature a flexible nylon base which easily slides between food and trays, while protecting your non-stick coatings. The top blade cuts cleanly through your meal preserving it’s appealing look.

Scizza Pizza Cutter

A Slice of Love Pizza Cutter

The white plastic grip includes the words “A Slice of …” above a stylish red heart. On the blade are openwork letters spelling L-O-V-E. And who doesn’t love pizza!

A Slice of Love Pizza Cutter

Bialetti Pizza Cutter

Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, the cutter has an integral rolled handle that runs the blade’s length. Simply grasp the handle at opposite ends, use a rocking motion, and ultrasharp blade quickly portions your pizza. [more]

Bialetti Pizza Chopper

High Tech Pizza Cutters

Creative custom pizza cutter designed by Frankie Flood were inspired by chopper style motorcycles, . [more]

High Tech Pizza Cutter

High Tech Pizza Cutter 2

High Tech Pizza Cutter 3

Pizza Scissors

Cut and serve hot pizza slices without the stringy cheesy messiness. [link]

Pizza Scissors

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  1. wavetool

    Hahaa! The laser was awesome!

  2. Krylun

    The first of 3 the High Tech Cutters is so bad ass.

  3. Mniya

    i like the “pizza fork/cutter” n the “A Slice of Love Pizza Cutter” so cute :)

  4. Jef

    the bialetti is cool cuz they’re so fast, but the scissors one looks like it might be pretty fun.

  5. Ekishi

    They all great, but the laser one is just so cooooolllll !

  6. joiex

    scizza is the winner, doesn’t ruin the plate

  7. bob

    the laser took 5 minutes to not cut a pizza.

  8. Culturedropout

    The laser was a pretty funny concept, but somebody needs some video editing software. I got tired of staring at the pizza sitting there doing nothing for 30 seconds at a time. And then it didn’t even work. *snort. Great acting, though; “They didn’t cut our pizza!??! Bastards!!!”

  9. DK

    The Bialetti and slice of love cutters were gr8

  10. Lily

    THose pizza cutters were awesome! especially the laser one!!!!!!!

  11. zahra

    i just luv tha pizza cutter/pizza fork

  12. Jeanne

    I have 3 of the pizza forks, our family fights over them. They are amazing! Need 7 more, sure hope I can order them from you, haven’t found them anywhere else. Got these at a yard sale!

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