Unusual and Creative Pancakes

Unusual and Creative Pancakes

Jim Belosic makes amazing pancakes for his three-year-old daughter Allie.

It looks like playing with food is not discouraged in Jim’s household. :)

Turtle Pancakes

Crane Pancakes

Flower Pancakes

Gaming Pancakes

Crab Pancake

Toilet Pancakes

Bacon and Eggs Pancakes

American Flag Pancakes

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  1. Katie

    Too cute to eat! And a little outrageous.

  2. Manpreet

    The toilet one made me cringe a little :)
    All of them were cute though

  3. sean

    i know a guy who can make pancakes of people’s faces

  4. raihan

    cool man

  5. may

    Cute…..very creative….
    The toilet though…uuuhhmmmm…..that was a bit much…lmao

  6. Chad

    Very creative!

  7. Atavistica

    I saw the title and thought “Same old same old” but then i saw the crane, then the bog and the bridge. Some very impressive builds there :)

  8. Karin L.


  9. jaqi mugo

    She’s CUTE! Aww

  10. tree

    saw this guy on Rachel Ray the same morning, no wonder the website picked up on it!

  11. Habibies

    the toilet one is so disgusting LoL

  12. Ariane

    oh my i think the toilet seat with you know, was real funny.

  13. Lucinda

    The toilet one is real funny lol!
    but I like the turtle one best, and James (7 year old) like the bacon and eggs!

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