Clever and Creative Shampoo Advertising

Clever and Creative Shampoo Advertising

Collection of the most unusual and memorable advertising campaigns that cleverly promote hair care products.

Head & Shoulders Tear-Off Ads

Creative tear-off posters were placed on bulletin boards of the Szeged University of Science in Budapest, Hungary.

Head & Shoulders Tear-Off Advertisement

Koleston Billboard

The woman’s hair was die-cut in the billboard to capture the variations of Koleston colors through the view of the sea and skyline behind it.

Koleston Billboard

Pantene Salt Shaker

These clever salt shakers were placed in restaurants to advertise Pantene Pro-V anti-dandruff shampoo in Germany.

Pantene Salt Shaker

Pantene Smooth Hair

Slippery floor sign warns people that with Pantene, your hair could be so smooth, someone might accidentally slip if they step on it.

Pantene Slippery Floor Sign

Pantene 3D Poster

Pantene 3D Poster

Pantene Door Handle

Each time the customer pulled the hair handle, the core benefit of Pantene shampoo was demonstrated.

Pantene Handle Advertisement

Head & Shoulders Magazine Cover

Head & Shoulders Magazine Cover

Head & Shoulders Escalator Comb

Creative sticker turned the end of an escalator into a hair comb.

Head & Shoulders Escalator Comb

Koleston Brush

Clever print ads designed to promote Koleston hair coloring products.

Koleston Brush

Pantene Building Advertisement

To demonstrate the benefits of Pantene shampoo, professional climbers climbed a giant ponytail attached to a building in Toronto.

Pantene Building Advertisement

Head & Shoulders Photo Booth

Photo booth was setup to photograph and print out a bird’s-eye view of the customer’s head.

Head & Shoulders Photo Booth

Pantene Hair Fall Control

Clever print ads promote Pantene Pro V hair fall control shampoo.

Pantene Hair Fall Control

Hair Fall Control

Pantene Envelope

Creative envelopes were designed to reinforce Pantene’s strong hair equity and create buzz around the brand.

Pantene Envelope

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  1. James Anzalone

    The idea of shaking someone’s dandruff into my food is really really awful. Even if it is just a reference.

  2. Kyle

    I do it to other people food all the time. . .

  3. andrew

    I agree that dandruff one is terrible. how did nobody stop that before it got to fruition? big oversight that it would completely gross people out!

  4. Toyama

    The idea of the dandruff salt shaker may be gross/disgusting but you’ve got to admit, it IS creative.

    Definitely not suitable on dinner tables but it sure is suitable as a photo-piece for, lets say a magazine regarding hair-care

  5. James Anzalone

    @Toyama Yes, its certainly creative and interesting.. I was just speaking about how that design is going to function on tables.

    ..I just imagined a full kitchen stocked with things like Mayo bottled labeled “puss” and Lemon Juice labled “Urine sample” etc etc… awful!!!!

  6. Patrick

    Of course, if the dandruff salt shaker is real, the salt shaker should be empty, to show that with their product you won’t have dandruff

  7. JK III

    How about the photo booth? That would make people mad.

  8. Jaqi Mugo

    I like the paintbrush one and the hair control

  9. Xander

    I want that guy’s pants.

  10. Raads

    lol @ Xander :D they r cool arent they

  11. Jason

    Dandruff salt shaker is nasty.

  12. Bridgette

    the salt shaker was just creepy in my opinion.

  13. Aubree(:

    hahaha these are cool looking but my fave is the pantene (bad speller) building XD

  14. Ches

    I thought they were all great. Very creative.
    Don’t be silly Toyama and James. They won’t be used in real kitchens. The idea is a marketing idea. The advert made you look at it twice. It has done its job.

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