24 Unforgettable Advertisements

24 Unforgettable Advertisements

Why should ads be boring? Check out this collection of unforgettable advertisements from around the world.

Nissan Cube Advertisement

Break Glass in Case of Adventure.

Nissan Cube Advertisement

Nike Cars Advertisement

Cars decorated as Nike kicks in Mexico. The front car carrying the ball.

Nike Cars Advertisement

BMW Advertisement

“From up here, I can see BMW of Bridgeport”

BMW Advertisement

Nescafe Advertisement

This picture of a Nescafe branded building is from Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, and must be among the largest inflatables in the world.

Nescafe Advertisement

Nike Advertisement

Nike Advertisement

Nestle Advertisement

Creative Nestle billboard advertisement.

Nestle Advertisement

Mini Advertisement

Mini Advertisement

Hopi Hari Advertisement

Hopi Hari Advertisement

Fitness Company Advertisement

Shopping bags given away to customers when purchasing fitness accessories or nutritional supplements at the Fitness Company fitness centers.

Fitness Company Advertisement

Skin Cancer Towel Advertisement

“Please take care this summer”

Skin Cancer Towel Advertisement

K-Swiss Advertisement

KSwiss Advertisement

McDonald’s Bus Stop Advertisement

Just what you want while waiting for the bus: that mouth watering, tantalizing reminder of how much you’d love to stuff your face with a 1,000 calorie burger only to be reminded later by your stomach it wasn’t the best decision you could have made.

McDonalds Bus Stop Advertisement

Woodland Shoes Advertisement

Powerful idea for a billboard.

Woodland Shoes Advertisement

Outdoor Stunt by Goodyear

Lovely concept, but I think there’s something lost in translation in this outdoor campaign for Goodyear. The sign says:

(front) “Your vehicle has been towed. Call 0800 081-8181.”
(back) “For sticking on the roads.”

Outdoor Stunt by Goodyear

FedEx Kinko’s Advertisement

When coming up with an ad campaign for FedEx Kinko’s, the innovative minds at advertising agency BBDO were inspired by the streets of New York. The agency installed oversized bottles of correction fluid, highlighters, and, in one case, an office lamp, on the city’s busy thoroughfares for a couple of days earlier this year.

FedEx Kinkos Advertisement

Ravensburger Puzzles Advertisement

Ravensburger Puzzles Advertisement

BIC Razor Advertisement

Bic developed this creative outdoor advertisement for their razors. The billboard is blank except for a small logo, but without it the advertisement might be missed and it acts as a good backdrop for the giant razor and cut grass.  The only draw back is the constant trimming of the lawn.

BIC Razor Advertisement

Mercedes Advertisement

Mercedes Advertisement

IKEA Advertisement

Ikea on Wheels advertisement.

IKEA Advertisement

Canon Advertisement

Creative Canon outdoor advertisement.

Canon Advertisement

Kill Bill Advertisement

Kill Bill Advertisement

LEGO Advertisement

Lego’s ad agency in Santiago (Chile) used cranes to hang giant Lego blocks.

LEGO Advertisement

Discovery Channel Advertisement

Discovery Channel Advertisement

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  1. Jake

    Awesome, I like the Nike ad!

  2. mike

    Nice post as always. Thanks

  3. Toby

    Whoa… where was that Kill Bill ad at? That’s sweet! I like the shoe car too… nice.

  4. Andrew

    Wow those are awesome! Love the Lego one!

  5. Laksmi

    Wow, I like the Nescafe ad.

  6. Iker

    The Nescafe mug in caracas it’s not inflatable. i think it’s made from fibreglass… but it’s huge i see it everyday :P

  7. Kevin

    Amazing collections… nicely prepared to convey the message

  8. Eyes

    Some of these are clearly photoshopped

  9. Chocolate Log

    I remember seeing the Kill Bill Advertisement, it was in the Auckland’s CBD just up the road from us :D

  10. Clorfex

    nice collection!

  11. kenny

    nike + discovery = the best !

  12. hellyeah

    yeah the ones in caracas are not inflatable, theyre part of the buildings since their main HQ is located in those buildings. fiberglass and steel papa!

  13. Zany17

    Great post :)

  14. John Thomas

    Pretty Genius Minds to come up with that kind of stuff.

  15. Ashkan

    hi.very very nice.tanks.

  16. frank

    nescafe ad inflatable at that height? no way, you are off your rocker.

  17. szuman

    McDonalds – the best :)

  18. Aaron

    For the Goodyear one, I think the idea is that your tires will stay on the road no matter what.

    Other than that, I wish more advertisers were this creative.

  19. ss

    LEGO thing is Photoshpped and not @ all funnny or what. The bloody crane would have to do nothing to be adverting.
    This goes for the ravensburger puzzle aswell.
    Since construction sites develop over short period of time it’s all futile

  20. Purity Rings

    I love the Bic razor one.

  21. James Kurtz III

    Well done. It seems like most of the ads deal with space and scale in a unique way that gets people to look twice. It also seems like the ads would be expensive. Kudos to the designers, the companies, and you for your post. Cheers!

  22. Mike

    WOW! Good Year tires are that worthless!!!! People actually steel the car and leave the tires.

  23. lol


  24. soheil

    wow! nice advertising

  25. kubica

    nice compilation

  26. subcorpus

    very nice …

  27. Ignacio Parra

    Muy Bueno

  28. dizi izle

    very good, nice pictures

  29. sunny beach

    Whoa… where was that Kill Bill ad at? That’s sweet! I like the shoe car too… nice.

  30. Darshan Doshi

    really nice post !

  31. caosforever

    muy buenos los trabajos. Just good job (Y)


    Kill Bill Advertisement very good..

  33. shima

    wow ,COOL , I like kill bill . brilliante !!!!

  34. Sealy Mattresses

    The kill bill one was great, but how did they get the paint on the car?

  35. ambar

    very creative ads

  36. Celia

    Hi. Great site, human creativity at its best!
    About Good Year ad, translation is ok. Idea is, car was towed away, tires got stuck…Ok, I agree, not that good

  37. Piet Miller

    Clever? Hmm…most are big, that’s all. I think only the dumbell is clever.

  38. Nedved

    thnx. the best

  39. K.1

    very nice ;)

  40. Julie

    These are really great…I thought the FedEx street ad was genius!

  41. Mohammad rezA

    very very nice!!!

  42. Boris

    We spent 93.74% of our income on entertaiment, now I beilive that!

  43. Jonno

    The Peta ad misses the mark for me.
    If God had wanted us to not eat animals,
    why did He make them out of meat?

  44. Tasray

    The Discovery Shark is too spooky, can anyone imagine looking up to see a giant shark seemingly floating above them? I’d be terrified.

  45. Peter d

    i saw a neat advertisement in my town where a billboard represented a shooting range bulls eye and giant inflatable bullets lined the bottom as if they were just shot at it!

  46. Jeebus

    is it just me or does the Hopi Hari ad have the same two people over and over again…different expressions…different poses…sometimes even a different coloured top…but are they the same two people?
    the best thing about all those ads was that I now know that Hopi Hari is a ‘medium sized theme park located in Brazil’ that has it’s own language, medium to small sized rides, overpriced food and a couple of rotating attractions.
    shit ad but hey, I live in australia and I wanna fly to Brazil RIGHT NOW!! I guess it worked…

  47. Biob

    Lots of clearly FAKE ads!

  48. trudy

    Anton, Re:”being more powerful -does- give you the right to exercise force”

    So much for the law. Open season on women and the elderly and children, I guess.

    How are the PETA people breathing in those things…

  49. a b

    Is it bad that that one made me hungry?

  50. Sarah

    i like the shark one because it looks like a shark is coming out of a building but they did a crappy job hanging the head on the side of the building.

  51. suye

    hahha … cool

  52. Alex

    Awesome! I was looking at the nescafe one and I was like “Whoaa I took a picture of that when I was over there!” lol

  53. Jon S

    Awesome post. The Nike ads are phenomenal and the FedEx Kinkos were extremely creative.

  54. Amber


  55. Umut

    Really nice. MINI Advertisement is the first i think :))

  56. reza

    all were nice,but the “bic razor” was diffrent.

  57. mahtab

    woh ,very creative ads.marvellouse……….

  58. Aj

    wow, thats amazing

  59. charles gifty

    Razor ad good

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    So Nice.

  61. Dimitris

    Human brain and creativity beyond …

  62. Krazd

    wow cool!! i’ve never seen any of these before

  63. tasarimci

    yeeeaaa very creative ads.marvellouse………

  64. JP

    These are incredible advertisements! Some of them I’ve seen before, but a few are new. I’m gonna link to some of these myself. Great for inspiration!

  65. ingilizce

    I remember seeing the Kill Bill Advertisement, it was in the Auckland’s CBD just up the road from us :D

  66. gazeteci

    very nice

  67. Vasilis

    Every pic is great but most of all the one with the mini cooper:))

  68. kabin

    its very good pictures. thank you.

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    very very nice

  70. Maria

    I loved the advertisements!

  71. gana_Xp

    What a super thinking….
    Realy Logical Ads…

  72. faryal

    c’est bizzare!

  73. kurtlar vadisi pusu

    i love Mercedes Advertisement

  74. Sushil Jain

    Nice, attractive and great ad NESCAFE.

  75. tom

    i really like the soccer ball smashing the building. that is wicked!!!!!

  76. Samster

    i Love the nike shoe advertisment
    great website

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  78. Coffee Bean & Holly X-mas

    Totally Cool! We like the discovery channel one the best. :p

  79. Sandra

    Wow these are really funny i cant believe someone in florida didnt think of these

  80. Anshuman Chawla

    Cool stuff.. really creative

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    wow! nice advertising

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    great collection. re-tweeted!

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    Nice post as always. Thanks

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    nice advertisements…

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    Its nice imagination and creativity.

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    nice ads. really very nice

  88. kariyerrusya@Rusya

    awesome some of them.

  89. Søren Tapet

    Super. I like the two Nike adds.

  90. Roxy Poxy

    bloodddddy awesommmme , ;D

  91. nicholas mercier

    kick ass

  92. Fayyaz

    Awsoooome collection.

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    its very nice and amazing ads.

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    Amazing advertisements! *bookmarked* :D

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    very nice ;)

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    Great collection!

  97. shojiantony

    Mind blowing!

  98. shanakay

    the person who did this is so wicked. how can u compare the lives of human beings with animals?

  99. marco

    pretty good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Barbie

    Wow! What crazy buildings. But those who designed it must really be creative.

  101. ajanand

    Very Nice Advt.

  102. Macamo

    I really love the adverts. Is an way to inspire the new creative generations.


  103. Jenny

    That was soooooo badass!!

  104. Sam

    Pretty sweet , it was worth googling this.

  105. Aykut

    I was in London in 1980’s. I had seen an outdoor ad just outside of a tube station.

    I could see a small part of a bold mans head. He had black fies on top of his head.

    As I walked up the street I could see his fat face again flies all over his face.

    As I reached the top of the street I saw that this was a picture of a politician.

    Under the picture something like ” Everyday 500 children are dying in Africa. If everyday 500 politician died they would do something about it.”

    Does anyone remember this add? If you have the picture of it please send me.


  106. Marina

    Goodyear’s sticking on the road means that their tires give your gar a lot of stability.

  107. Michael Opskrifter

    6 years on and most of these advertisments are still as unforgetable!

    Would be good to see an updated version based on the last 6 years.

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