Creative Envelopes

Creative Envelopes

Unusual and creative envelopes designed by Japanese company D-BROS.

Simply tear open the envelope: Torn paper will leave a long trail of “smoke” behind a picture of a small airplane, car, or a train.

Creative envelope design makes opening letters more fun and exciting.

D-BROS Booooon

Creative Envelope

Cool Envelope

Cool Envelopes

Easy to Open

Creative Envelope Design

D-BROS Booooon! Envelopes

D-BROS Booooon Envelopes

D-BROS Envelopes

Unusual Envelopes

Unique Envelopes

Japanese Envelopes

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  1. Rafeek


  2. Betty


  3. Dominic


  4. Chari

    I love these! Super fun!

  5. kelly Tozarin

    It would be very nice to receive my bills in these envelopes. I love them!

  6. Nisa Zul

    this is so cute….

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