Japanese Food iPhone Cases

Japanese Food iPhone Cases

Delicious looking iPhone cases designed to look like popular Japanese food.

iMeshi realistic food cases will make you think about eating your iPhone.

iMeshi iPhone Case

Realistic Food iPhone Case

iMeshi iPhone Cases

Japanese iPhone Case

Sushi iPhone Case

Chocolate iPhone Case

Noodles iPhone Case

Food iPhone Case

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  1. yui

    love it!

  2. Jam


  3. chelsea_fc

    Not very practical, yet amazingly realistic!

  4. mi


  5. AdrianLee

    yum… looks real.

  6. Dominic

    why would i want a case that looks like food!

  7. Mon Sun

    Looks so much fun! And very yummy too!

  8. tara

    it is probily realy funny when some one justs dumps it in thier pocket

  9. Aizu

    Apple have history their product with overheat problem.

    Maybe this invention will heat-up your sushi.

    p/s: iOS5 beta made my iPhone 4 always heat up at the back.

  10. Lee


  11. tim

    cool but sorta bulky

  12. Amy

    @Aizu But I like my sushi cold :(

  13. Micfr


  14. Glenn Contreras

    Gross… =S

  15. Jumanicus

    dude i already use mine as a plate whats new? xD

  16. deonica

    that is cool so awesome i want one so bad !!!!!!

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