Horror Stationery

Horror Stationery

Disturbing stationery designed by Jacques Pense for 13th Street, the most popular crime and horror television channel in Germany.


Ripping open the horror envelope tears out the zombie’s eyes.

Bloodthirsty Stationery

Creative Stationery

CD Cover

Saw shaped compact disk sticks into zombie’s head.


Greeting Card

Opening the greeting card tears a hole in the blood covered head.

Unusual Stationery

Scary Stationery


An attachment has been stapled to the letter to give the appearance that the staple went through the zombie’s eyes.

Cool Stationery


Archiving the invoice results in punctured zombie heads.

Disturbing Stationery

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany

Stationery of Horror

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  1. vikilife

    Pretty good~~

  2. Aseem

    this is cool…

  3. echochrome

    never seen something like this before!
    really nice

  4. Truthiness

    CD’s spin so fast, is it really safe to have one shaped like a saw blade?

  5. crzyninja

    This is so awesome!!!!

  6. Sara


  7. asdf


  8. Cory

    Very very cool.

  9. Sam

    Haha, I so need something like this for school. That aught to get some people to leave me alone ;)

  10. pete

    Terrible COOL!

  11. Sharyn

    I think this is totally awesome and brilliant. I really love the envelope!

  12. jassi

    simply awesome….

  13. Lovelette

    Gets my vote! very creative!

  14. Joas

    Creative but sick!!!!

  15. Leonie

    That’s very…

    unique, sickening, disgusting…

    But creative, nice.

  16. Ray

    very cool and clever! horror-tastic

  17. Kirvi_Inci

    Very fitting!

  18. metaleaf

    I’m surprised no one is offended this time. Note to self: while fake edible guns at an art exhibit are mortally offensive, stationery with images of realistically mutilated people is A-OK.

    I like both things :)

  19. Deep & Beat


  20. mario martz

    GREAT!!!! this is amazing hahaa i would love to buy these

  21. ayande

    this is awfull, how can you ever call it cool. How could you ever watch people in pain and call it cool????!!!!! what is happening with human beings???

  22. damoun

    it was so clever

  23. lili

    too crasy psycho desiner

  24. enav

    So creative

  25. RJ

    But they aren’t humans; they’re zombies!
    Pretty clever stuff.

  26. Hashim


  27. db

    these are awesome, are they available to buy?>

  28. Clona

    man i want one :)

  29. R-J17

    @Truthiness… are you being serious? Its either a sticker that goes over a normal cd to cover it or possibly a joke prop. Your either very stupid or very sarcastic. Probably both. Cool Stuff though.

  30. KK

    This is sooooo cooooooool

  31. Doink

    Disgustingly awesome!

  32. Sarah

    actually they’re giving me goosebumps.

  33. Raads

    WOW, these are what you call prank material! :D:D:D, they are so cool..#_0

  34. omnibruno


    You know what I love? When someone is calling someone else very stupid and then makes one of the most annoying and common grammatical mistakes of all-time.

    I am quite you you meant ‘you’re’ (the apostrophe takes the place of the letter ‘a’ in the contraction) and NOT ‘your’. And yes, I am being facetious by explaining how contractions work.

    It really annoys me to see people so willing to point the finger of stupidity without even giving a moment of thought to their own display of intelligence.

    I highly doubt either of you are stupid (especially the original poster asking the question) – but it makes it difficult for me to give you the benefit of the doubt when you post comments like the one above.

    p.s. This is brilliant design and branding.

  35. jaqi mugo

    You guys, let everyone use this forum to respect each other please, everyone is allowed their opinion concerning the art here, it’s not about us.

    As for the stationery, I appreciate the creativity, but I find it disturbing and gross, I can’t see myself buying that stuff, ewww!

  36. eurosaint


    LMAO!! Bearing in mind the context of your post, re-read your second paragraph!!
    That’s PRICELESS!

    You’re quite right though!

    As for the stationary, absolutely brilliant!

  37. Gaby

    It isn’t a sticker. Use your eyes and read, use your eyes and look at the image. You didn’t need to be rude.

  38. Murphy

    I am totally using these to pay my taxes next year. Awesome

  39. LittleSeaStar

    @eurosaint if you are referring to the “you you”, I am glad you said that… I chuckled at the same thing.

    @Murphy- brilliant!! Show the IRS how they make us feel!

    I love this stationery a lot.

  40. kadal

    the best stationery idea i’ve ever seen……..zombies rules…

  41. austin

    be sooo awsome if you could buy this stuff

  42. Rodiansinger

    I can see why someone would object to these but I totally love them.

  43. Maxxipad

    Make this happen irl. I will be your first customer. <3

  44. dodokusu

    Especially cd is aweseome

  45. Elliott the web design guy

    That is actually very interesting, a little gruesome but still interesting

  46. Jaap


  47. Martin

    Wow, I like this a lot.

  48. owen

    this is so disgusting, i want it =)

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