Ground Coffee Art

Ground Coffee Art

Beautiful artworks made out of ground coffee by talented artist Liv Buranday.

Great way to start each morning: drink coffee and create unique coffee art.

Coffee Art by Liv Buranday

Ground Coffee

Grounded Coffee Art by Liv Buranday

Coffee Drawings

Art by Liv Buranday

Ground Coffee Art by Liv Buranday

Artist Liv Buranday

Liv Buranday Coffee Art

Coffee Art

Grounded Coffee

Liv Buranday Ground Coffee Art

Creative Coffee Art

Coffee Artworks

Coffee Artwork


Ground Coffees

Coffee Bean Art

Coffee Beans Art

Coffee Grind Art

Liv Buranday Coffee

Liv Buranday Grounded Coffee Art

Liv Buranday

Coffee Drawing

Ground Coffee Drawings

Ground Coffee Drawing

Grounded Coffee Art

Grounded Coffee Art

Starbucks Coffee Art

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Gift Ideas
  1. Gert

    Two sided tape and a light box. This is a craft not art.

  2. Catherine Rhodehamel


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