Ground Meat Sculptures

Ground Meat Sculptures

Eye-catching sculptures made by Kieran Gormley out of ground beef attract customers and increase sales of meat.

Raw meat shaped to look like cute animals, recognizable objects, and characters from popular movies, video games, and cartoons.

American Flag Meat

Meat Sculptures

Totoro Meat

Meat Totoro

Beef Sculpture

Star Trek Enterprise Meat

Ground Meat

Spider Meat

Meat Art

Arm Meat


Beef Art

Cat Meat

Ground Beef Art

Naruto Meat

Ground Beef

Mask Meat

Beef Sculptures

Pokemon Meat

Ground Beef Sculpture

Meat Sculpture

Castlevania Meat


Snake Meat

Pork Art

Dragon Ball Z Meat

Ground Beef Sculptures

Puppet Meat

Ground Pork Art

Metroid Meat

Pork Sculptures

Minion Meat


Epic Grinds

Star Wars Meat

Pork Sculpture

Ground Pork Sculpture

Sonic Meat

Ground Pork Sculptures

Mega Man Meat

Ground Meat Sculpture

Ground Meat Art

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  1. Gert

    So many bad jokes… so little time…

  2. cj


  3. Mark

    Not sure I’d want to buy meat that’s been handled this much but it looks cool! LOL

  4. Chari

    I think this would actually boost sales at our local market, too! So long as it doesn’t look like cow…

  5. Dave

    Naruto Ground Chuck? I just may try that.

  6. Peterrrr


  7. andy

    meatle sonic is the best character

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