Two Kinds of People

Two Kinds of People

Clever illustrations remind us that there are two kinds of people in the world.

Series of images separates people into two types based on their choices: Coca-Cola or Pepsi, Apple or Android, Cats or Dogs, Coffee or Tea…

There Are Two Types of People in The World

Zomato Two Kinds of People in The World

There Are Two Kinds of People in The World

Two Types of People in The World

Two Types of People


Kinds of People

Zomato Two Kinds of People

Zomato Two Types of People

Zomato There Are Two Kinds of People in The World

Zomato Types

Zomato Two Types of People in The World

Zomato There Are Two Types of People in The World

Zomato Kinds of People

Zomato Types of People

Zomato Kinds

Zomato People


Two Kinds of People in The World

Types of People

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  1. fran

    I don’t understand the one after the dog/cat image.

  2. Halo

    I don’t get the 8th one? The one with the purse/camera thingy and the ball on top? Anyone can explain please?

  3. Anon

    It’s a piece of cake with a cherry on top. I guess it’s because some people go for the cherry first and save it for the end?!

  4. abu

    ummm… eat cake and ignore cherry vs eat cherry and ignore cake… prolly?

  5. Lynn

    If that’s a cake and a cherry it’s the worst illustration I’ve ever seen.

  6. nessa

    what is the one after the dining table?!

  7. Ian H.

    The one after dining table is Oreo – eat as a sandwich or separate to eat the white goo.

  8. Halo


    I’m pretty sure that’s an oreo/oreo like cookie.
    Some eat them by biting in one go includiing the cream. Some only lick the cream filling and leave the cookies/eat them later.

  9. BJ

    Some people separate the halves of an Oreo cookie and eat the filling first.

  10. Tom

    That’s an Oreo some people eat the filling first

  11. Sepehr

    These are beautiful and clever.

  12. daffy

    What is the one with a green dot in a green square and a red dot in a red square?

  13. Raghu

    The Green Dot Indicates Vegetarian food and the Red Dot Indicates Non Vegetarian food. It is used almost everywhere in India. But I did not find it in any other countries that I Visited.

  14. Luiza

    The one after the dog and cat can also be a parallel to people who think inside and outside of the box??

  15. Sophia

    I love the one with the chocolate and the fries. This just proves everyone wrong because I like to eat my fries…both ways! And I will eat chocolate…both ways!
    So yeah. Hahaha!:)

  16. Cayla

    For some reason I thought that the one after the dog/cat was how people wrap their gifts…I assumed the left side was people who put gifts in bags and the other was people who wrap them..I’m still confused though because it does not look like cake

  17. jim j

    My guess is people who eat the cherry on top first, or save it for last.

  18. Alan

    After thinking about it for a bit, my take on the one after the dog/cat is that the left side is thinking inside the box, and the right side is thinking out of the box. But then I don’t get why the right side is just an outline of a box..

  19. Kaity

    Lol. The one after the dog and cat is a cake because you’ve got the icing dripping down the side and the cherry is gone which indicates that someone ate it first and on the opposite side someone ate the cake first and left the cherry.

  20. joanna

    It’s thinking inside or outside the box, the one after the dog and cat one, aka the 8th

  21. Ilan

    I think the one after the animals are spenders and savers. One puts all their money into their wallet, the other has no wallet and just spends.

  22. Stephanie

    it’s chocolate or vanilla

  23. SDR

    I don’t understand the image with a ton of food vs. the pasta.

  24. Christian Johnson

    I think the one with the cake is black and blue and the one with the cherry is white and gold!

  25. Heather

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world… those that believe it means “thinking outside of the box,” and those that believe it is a cake.

  26. Swiper Fox

    Hmm… Spoon & Fork vs Hands…
    Some eat by Chopsticks..

    Ketchup vs Mustard…
    What? No Mayo?

    Some eat Cheeseburgers….
    Without the Cheese… hehehe

  27. Joseph Ferguson

    The Ketchen/Mustard thing should be three kinds of people because I eat ranch with fries, sandwiches, burgers, etc (and etc means about everything)
    So does a lot of people I know, We don’t even keep mustard or ketchup in our fridge, just ranch
    It’s a Midwestern thing.

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