Life’s Too Short for the Wrong Job

Life is Too Short for the Wrong Job

Series of creative ads reminds people that life is too short for the wrong job.

Memorable ads were created by Scholz & Friends advertising agency for, one of the largest job search websites in Germany.

Fuel Dispenser

Fuel Dispenser

Cigarette Machine

Cigarette Machine

Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine

Airport Scanner

Airport Scanner



Arcade Machine

Arcade Machine

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Cash Machine

Cash Machine

Kid’s Ride

Kids Ride

Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Washing Machine

Washing Machine

For more inspiration, check out: Want vs Need

  1. Stephan

    love it

  2. Julie


  3. EugiKo

    so cool! i’d love to see this some time!

  4. henry

    haha really creative

  5. Kari Bradshaw

    brilliant! really got me thinking, too…

  6. Zach

    this is great.

  7. enav

    lol awesome ads

  8. Lester

    Yeah , cool concept, but we have to remember that some1 has to do the “job”.

  9. Josh

    Haha, they’re so good! So motivating to get a good job =P

  10. Anna

    hahahaha this is so so awesome!!!! thanks for putting it up~!

  11. Betty

    This is freakin’ brilliant!!

  12. joilili


  13. ran

    my…this great and genius hahahha

  14. Hina Batool

    fabulous thoughts

  15. Betty Cires

    is so surreal and so real at the same time … shows how people feel when they work without love for what they do … great!

  16. MMM


  17. Art of Concept

    Brilliant concept! Very clever!

  18. Em

    Funny how the Fuel Dispenser guy as a cigarette in his mouth… Boom!

  19. j

    genius!! one of my favorite i’ve seen from toxel posts

  20. Ajay

    ooooooo Maamma rriyaaaa…….

    it’s lovable..

  21. Deanna

    love it!

  22. anthony

    cool, but insulting to people that actually have those jobs, airport security, accountant…

  23. Modhawk

    It’s the machines! They’re taking over our jobs that we so much hate to do… but hey… it’s a job right?

  24. wtyang24

    this has been out for a while now, but still awesome!

  25. setzer

    Very clever. Fantastic, funny, great, yeah!

  26. Christian


  27. krista

    this is awesome! so cool! you can see their hard-work for the instant things you buy or use!

  28. Zulema

    This is really awesome!!

    I wouldn’t like to be in those machines… (:

  29. Pascal

    very cool, love it

  30. Hugo


  31. Twinkle

    WOW!!! thats all i have to say!!

  32. Reiner


  33. Ieva

    Tis is really amazing. And useful! Really. This should be in every town in the whole world.

  34. MJ

    They should put one on a slot machine in vegas!

    Guy inside would be drowning in tokens and cash!

  35. Iryna

    brilliant idea!

  36. Cat

    stereotyping at it’s finest – another way that advertising re-enforces mainstream cultural conditioning – wake up you dozy folks!

  37. ShinLing

    Awesome… LOVE IT :))

  38. HannahJet

    awesome love it so cool

  39. Mr.K

    Love it!

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