Head on Top

Head on Top

Creative images made by German photographer Thorsten Schmidtkord.

The artist creates amazing upside down portraits by placing the hair and forehead of each person below their face.

Thorsten Schmidtkord

Creative Portrait

Upside Down Portrait

Unique Portrait

Clever Portrait

Upside Down Face

Cool Portrait

Inverted Head

Face on Top

Upside Down Head

For more inspiration, check out: Parents and Kids Swapped Heads

  1. Lilia Smiles

    Well from this point of view almost everybody has a beard!

  2. Kev

    and everyone is bald or almost bald

  3. Sharyn

    They look a lot less creepy than you’d expect. The lack of a mouth is a bit strange, but mostly they just look kind of quirky.

  4. argon

    where are the girls? ))

  5. Ani

    love the creative ;)

  6. Douglas

    Should be pictures of all the political candidates.

  7. Lilia Smiles

    @Douglas, that’s a good idea! It would be funny and have an impact.

  8. Shirley

    now that’s creativity… it brings out the eyes, doesn’t it?

  9. James


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