Photos of Scared People

Photos of Scared People

Amazing photos from Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada.

North America’s scariest haunted house is filled with strategically placed cameras that capture photographs of terrified people.

Scared People


Scared Face

Face of Fear

Scared Girls


Hounted House





Scared Photo

Terrified People

Real Fear

Nightmares Fear Factory

Terrified Face

Scared Boys

Scared Family

Fear Factory


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  1. woops

    I really wish I could put captions under all of these

  2. bananaman

    haha, saw these on reddit a few days ago. Some of these are just hilarious

  3. Lilia Smiles

    I’m just wondering but shouldn’t it be a dark environment? It looks as bright as daylight…it would have to be very scary to makes these people look like they’re going to wet their pants.

  4. Anonymous

    @Lilia probably done with a big flash / softbox

  5. Lilia Smiles

    Oh I see… that’s pretty cool then, thanks for the photog lesson! :)

  6. woops

    The guy with the backwards blue cap looks like he’s saying “OHHH SNAP”.

    Navy blue sweatshirt girl looks like she’s disrespecting the Longhorns.

    All white guy: looks like he’s a vampire “hiss!”

    The last guys: “We are in an invisible canoe!”

  7. johan

    i wonder what are they all scared by..these faces can’t be made by just pretending..

  8. Bart

    Theese ones are totally awesome. I just wish we could know what scared them.

  9. Mike

    I would like to know what scared them

  10. Lilia Smiles

    @woops…man you’re pretty funny and great observations! LOL

  11. Anthony

    Oh my goodness I have never laughed like on a monday the should post photos like this every day hahahahahahaha. the faces are just priceless

  12. Poet

    The cameraman scared them.

  13. BKAllmighty

    I live in Niagara Falls, and this place is incredibly terrifying. There’s around seven different haunted houses in the area and this one is the only one worth the admission fee.

  14. T

    I think they all just look fake. Also, the work would benefit from an occasional change of background scenario. But that is just my opinion, and it was cool that you shared it :)

  15. Caroline

    These are fantastic. I live about 30 minutes from this haunted house! I’ve never been inside it, but after seeing these pics I think I’m going to have to check it out.

  16. Christian

    It is probably during a strobe light or something or just a sudden flash. I think these are legit picture of people being scared. I’ve been in many a haunted house and a few time I have probably looks just like these people. Whenever you’re with someone it helps so much to be holding onto them haha, as you can see.

  17. Amy

    this is simply fantastic

  18. Zack

    I’ve been to all of them in the Niagara area, they all pretty much suck. Biased opinion though, I’m not into them and when I go into a haunted house expecting to be scared, it’s hard to not expect something to jump out/ scream/ whatevs.

  19. Kate

    I live not far from Niagara Falls and have been in Nightmares several times, it still freaks me out. I can guarantee these are real, un-posed photos they take them of every group that goes through. The entire “haunted house” is pitch black, you guide your way through by following a series of small red lights, there are actors that follow you through and jump out periodically to scare you and make it a different experience every time. The photos are taken at a point when you turn a corner and from the darkness a car come screeching towards you horn blasting and “headlights” (photo lights) beaming. Quite terrifying, and obviously makes for great photos!

  20. Elphi

    Thank you for the insight Kate! A car crashing your way would be terrifying! This looks like fun, and I really want to try this out. These pictures are really amazing and capture the moment very well!

  21. LJ

    Yo……..this is the scariest haunted house i ever been in, my children and I went several years ago and let me tell tell you that its so scary that i told them i would never go back in there, i had nightmares afterwards. Anyways, while walking through the haunted house they re playing the freddy cougar music from the movie and its real dark. The photos taken here are taken in the dark with a quick flash, cant even tell they took the picture. I have a photo, didnt even know that they have taken it. Love it but i dont think my hart can take it. Everytime we look at the photo from that haunted house we cannot stop laughing. Its timed very well….you have to go here to experience it, i have never been to anything like it.

  22. Sani

    i just wonder what they are seeing =))))))))) i wanna see it too :))

  23. kadal

    what makes them scared? I WANT TO KNOW !!!!!

  24. LJ

    You dont see anything its just a loud scary noise its really dark

  25. Mar

    It is fantastic to be able to see the similar expressions and the body language of different people in the same situation. No actor can simulate these faces.

  26. Rebekah

    Has to be US all the overweight people. We are a nation of gluttony.

  27. Olivia

    They all seem to be looking at one spot

  28. Paul

    I love the guy in blue who’s running away from his girl.

  29. Sadi

    Anyone notice the One guy in all grey w/his family… HE’s the only one smiling.

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