Transparent Toaster

Transparent Toaster Concept

This concept design of a transparent toaster lets you see the bread while it is toasting.

This idea is based on a transparent heating glass technology. Although the glass does not currently get hot enough to toast bread, the vendor explained with some R&D this application may be possible.

Transparent Toaster

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  1. James

    Haha, great idea!

  2. Alex C

    The idea is great but think how the glass will look like after a few weeks of usage :) You need photo lens polishing kit to make’em shining again.

  3. rosita

    A good idea for peoples that are careless in the kitchen.

  4. kg

    Haha, that’s a cool idea. I’d like one,
    but maintenance would be a problem…

  5. Jan

    Not really a new idea. It looks very much like a design concept from Philips (small domestic appliances division, designer Lou Beeren) from circa 1986. Published in 1987 in “Industrial Design in Practice”, page 140, ISBN 90-9001935-9

  6. mb

    That’s a great idea, except I’d imagine getting the toast out would be a pain.

  7. Joon

    We have a solution on the glass toaster. It is not a concept design anymore, but we can make a normal temperature of over 500 degrees Celsius within 10 seconds (Glass itself -World’s first invention). It is an innovative nano coating technology in Korea – Transparant 85%. It can be saving about 30% of electricity.

    One problem is that the surface of the glass itself and surrounding glass would be very hot like a hot stove or a hot wire heater. It can be burnt or it can be set on fire something by the heating glass(by the outer glass).

    If we have a solution to minimize the function of heater, we can make a new product as above concept design.

    We also plan to make the hot glass heaters. It will be very differnt from 65~75 degree’s glass radiators. We are looking for partner….

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