Transparent Bicycle

Transparent Bicycle

Modern bicycle designed by German studio Designaffairs features unique, innovative, and completely transparent frame.

Transparent bicycle frame is made out of advanced polymer material that was created for helicopter windshields and military fighter jets.

It is lightweight, transparent, and extremely strong / durable.

Transparent wheels, seat, handlebar, and pedals are in development.

Transparent Bike

Transparent Frame

Clarity Bike

Transparent Bike Frame

Clarity Bike

Transparent Bicycle Frame

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  1. Pete

    Put an ant farm in it. Would make for an awesome bike.

  2. jacklyn

    OH MY, YES. pete. you are brilliant.

  3. Fakhri

    Pretty nice, nice idea btw pete

  4. Swiper Fox

    Don’t put the bike under the sun and later get roasted ants. Also a moving bike makes ant tunnels collapse every time.

  5. Dom

    unique? yeah, but innovative? hmmm

  6. noa

    Is it not a bit dangerous, though? Bikers should stand out and not be camouflaged even more! It is a bonus however, that it is made out of light material :)

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