Transparent Canoe

Clear Canoe

See the world below you with remarkable clarity in this two person transparent canoe.

This hard shell transparent canoe provides 100% visability. It weighs only 40 lbs., and is lighter than most aluminum or wood canoes.

Transparent Canoe 2

Transparent Canoe 3

Transparent Canoe

The Transparent Canoe

Transparent Canoe 4

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  1. steve

    Thats a really sweet idea! I love it!

  2. JImm yd

    Dude that is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Pure Sweetness!

  3. safe?

    there is a reason you get a bright yellow kayak… when you fall out of this one, its GONE…

  4. michelle

    Looks great, but what if you fall off and can’t find it!

  5. cvb

    sharks will be able to see whats for dinner

  6. Taters

    i’m just wondering what the people on the shore think when they see someone floating above the water on what appears to be nothing.

  7. Alan

    Looks great, the water needs to be clear to make it worth while though…

  8. Drew

    So that’s how Jesus did it…

  9. mike

    Awesome idea!

  10. Miss Cellania

    If the water is clear enough to see through, you’d see enough just looking over the side. This canoe, although lovely, wouldn’t add considerably to the view.

  11. dan in Cali

    Sweet….see sharks below you.

  12. Freeman

    Isn’t that technically more of a kayak? Cool for a kayak though.

  13. Wayne

    That would be incredible at some of the most exotic places, or even right in your backyard!

  14. Milliner

    You’re going to get hit by a motor boat. Those drunken boaters can’t see you on a good day and now you want Wonder Woman’s canoe? What’s next an invisible car?

  15. bob

    All well and good till it gets all scratched up.

  16. bob x2

    I agree with bob.

  17. David Potter

    Lets make sure the sharks can SEE YOU now, when you head out on the water! :))) LOL

  18. T

    at least you can see the sharks coming up to get you

  19. NotBob

    I would have to disagree with Bob. Scratches would just add character.

  20. bob x3

    Can u see through scratches NotBob

  21. Anon

    One word: scratches. Rocks. Dragging the canoe up a beach/ground….I can’t see it staying clear for very long.

  22. Bob3

    so 1475 + 175 Shipping and you will not say exactly what material is it made of, neither the dimensions.

    hmmm… sun effect over “plastic like” material, reflections and scratches…hmmm


    P.S.> Why don’t you put a pic from a user point of view instead of retouched bs?

  23. gingerneo

    Sweet devine !!

  24. Tothebobs

    On the site it says the material is lexan (polycarb). Polycarb is used for strength, but due to the composition to achieve such strength it scratches easy, and often clear plexan has white lines from the fab. Tiny scratches can be taken out with polish, but larger scratches (the kind from transport or beach rocks) will take forever to sand out and never be perfectly clear due to warping at the curved angle.

  25. Duncan

    Now a canoe nudist can use to really bond with nature…..

  26. PK

    Now sharks can see clearly – what do they have for dinner?

  27. A

    Who canoes and looks underneath as they paddle? And who canoes in water that is crystalline pure?

  28. gamedesign


  29. Nuno Lagoa

    This is a great idea, that only needs a little tweak before some objections (namely that the absence of colour doesn’t help finding the canoe when one falls into the water) can be put to rest: the trim (here in dark blue or black) should be made of a highly bright colour, such as yellow-glow, orang-glow and such. Same with the paddles.

  30. Syed

    Wonderful canoe. It really serves the purpose when you want to observe marine life.

  31. Emrah

    Price: $1,475 + $175 Shipping

    Way too high for some clear plastic material… polycarb…
    I think it would be a good idea to make the bottom part something like a replaceable window since it scratches and stuff.

  32. anon

    then paint the tips, if u are dumb enough to fall out

  33. Chuck

    We rented these in the bahamas. They were scratched up, but you don’t notice that when it is in the water. The biggest problem with them is they crack on impact. One couple ran into another’s kayak and cracked it.

  34. LordFool

    I love all these armchair inventors’ remarks.
    “It should be this…” “What about scratches…”
    “Who canoes and looks underneath as they paddle? And who canoes in water that is crystalline pure?”
    “Sharks this and that…”
    Dear God, do something even remotely this creative, and
    maybe you’ll earn the right to take your collective heads out of your collective asses.

  35. BoloMKXXVIII


    This is not creative, I live in south Florida and have seen lexan boats for many years. They are expensive, fragile and within a year or so are almost opaque. Not only do they scratch easily, but the UV in the sun’s rays turns the lexan yellow. They can give you a great view if you are in the right place on a sunny day with clear water.

  36. David

    Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier? :)

  37. Scutt

    And…And….fishes get to see your bottom

  38. tAz

    Practical for any great length of time? – no not really…
    Cool as hell before you get sawn in half by a jetski – oh yeah!

    I’d take my chances with the speed boats, sharks and miserable fools who are just too dull to marvel in it’s (just out the box) beauty any day…

    For the record it’s not an original idea in the slightest either – but cool as ** insert random obscenity ** anyhow :)

    Now where did I put that can of tartan paint…

  39. Ash

    This is a good idea, except for the fact that if a hole appears, you might not be able to find it- with the walls and floor being so clear. You could just take a regular canoe and put a window in…

  40. Liz

    Transparent KAYAK would be even more ideal.

  41. fishinjim

    looks cool but completely impractical and unsafe, and i know my canoes

  42. Syona

    This article proves one thing:
    for every original idea, you’ll get a dozen or more people saying why it’s dumb, bound to fail, and so on…

    and most of them will say exactly the same thing, not having any original ideas of their own.

    So, to all the nay-saying noobs..STFU.

  43. androo

    very creative… great idea for a spring or a clear water lake.

  44. Kane

    Why does everyone feel they have to reply? Oh…wait..oops.

    Uh….go clear canoe!

  45. Dude Meets World

    Yeh, that is cool.

  46. sasa

    “Dude that is the coolest thing I have ever seen”

    wow, where you do you live, in a cave?

  47. atomman

    the wonderwoman canoe

  48. SoLinkable

    Here is a perfect opportunity to have girls in bikinis selling your canoes, but all I get is one shot of a girl in a bikini… shame…

  49. bobX4

    Actually, if the scratches were on the underside (rightly assumed by being drug, rocks, etc) then when in the water, the scratches would be “filled” by the water, making the scratches mostly invisible. But out of water, the scratches would be very visible.

  50. Andreas

    Thats realy cool. manufactory link ?

  51. Matt


  52. gurei neko

    Everyone is talking about scratches, safety, practical etc.etc.etc.
    What about being toasted on all sides of your body from reflections from the water….Roasted nuts toasted buns that would not be fun…

  53. nice

    Wow, what a great view

  54. Joe

    I think a kevlar canoe would still be better for the price. You could get a top of the line kevlar canoe for under $2000 and bang it against all the rocks you want.

  55. Blah

    Oh dear lord! What have you done? The invisible boat will be our undoing!

    Repent now and return to what we had before lest Poseidon smite us with his mighty trident.

    / sarcasm

    Fricking chicken littles are everywhere on the internet these days. It’s pathetic.

  56. Daniel

    really great. But you can’t see that when you fall, maybe.

  57. Shawn

    I was going to post “So is this what Wonder Woman uses when she goes camping” but oh no, someone just HAD to beat me to it, classic man!

  58. canoer

    Thats not a canoe-
    1. theres no seat for a person in front
    2. the back seat is too far forward
    3. so obviously it was only made for one person
    4. the person in back is using a kayak paddle

    so this is obviously designed for one person only, and no canoes that i’ve ever seen are designed like that. this is a wierd open kayak

  59. named dai

    I have no problem, if it is strong enough!

  60. Art M.

    Keep the canoe. Who is the girl ???

  61. Whodunnit

    I’m gonna get one and paint it black just to be different!

  62. hjhawkins

    looks like a good canoe for fishing and to really freak out other people on the lake. haha

  63. whoaz

    LOL. look at everyone argue.

  64. newman

    Haha too bad you dont have a ref code you would have made a ton off of these kick-ass canoes.

    I want one.

  65. BOB McG

    A great idea but I think its true potential is when full of ice and beer as the coolest (sorry) and biggest party ice bucket ever ! ! !

  66. mcf, Boston MA

    If you did it just right, you could leverage the heating rays of the sun to cook your fish as you catch them!

  67. Terri

    What a really cool idea! I’d love to try one of these out.

  68. Armand

    Would love to rent or borrow, would hate to own.

  69. zeeohsix

    these are made here in hawaii by so they are made in an appropriate place.

    but all polycarbonate can taken a lot of beatings but tthey have different variants including clear bottom only inflateable and folding.

    and yeah, read some the lame excuses questioning its practicality.

  70. mark

    I love the concept. But wouldn’t this be potentially dangerous in areas where there are larger fish, sharks and alligators?

    Seems to me, you can seem them, but they can see you. You might just look like a tasty morsel. Of course, the plastic will protect you, but mightn’t a big critter capsize you as it goes for a bite?

    Regular canoes add a margin of safety. Sharks usually don’t see you as something desirable. Even alligators might be too confused to pursue.

    But see thru? I’d be quite careful where I took it.

  71. Enrico Foschi

    Loving it :)

  72. AvangionQ

    Transparent Canoe — a really cool idea, but it has one major flaw that needs resolving — if the people in the canoe get flipped over, there’s a good chance that they’ll never find it again … so, the canoe needs two things — a means to tether the person to the canoe, and an audible beeper remote location system …

  73. jim

    minor canoe scratches:

    I used to guide canoe trips, the bottoms look like hell after a few short trips… Ad highly abrasive things like sea shells or beach sand and its not going to be clear at all…

  74. Prarthana

    It is a can-know! any possibility to know is the most imaginative and therefore doable!

  75. Bill

    I heard that David Blaine, Bear Grylls and Les Stroud are going to attempt to survive together in one of these somewhere out in the North Atlantic Ocean with nothing but a rusty safety pin, 3 inches of kite string and an empty coffe can and one case of Old El Paso Refried Beans…..

  76. Brian K

    It’d also be totally sweet if you got lost with it. An air search would definitely be able to see your transparent canoe leading to a quick rescue… Genius.

  77. Stephen DU

    what the ‘lovely’ made from

  78. Seiler Marine

    That does look like fun, but the one picture makes it seem like it could be hard for other boaters to see.

    I also like the brighter colored ones with just the clear bottom. That way you get the safety of the bright solid color, but still get to see what’s swimming below you.


    It looks like the single seat is mounted on a rail system, so I don’t see why you couldn’t add another seat (or two?), as well as use whichever style of paddle you’d prefer.

  79. Infrascape Technologies

    it cute and excellent.

  80. Tor Arne

    This is the kind of crazy awesome we need more of in the world today!

  81. kristi

    that is soooo wicked awesome!!!!

  82. eb tide joe

    You are all freaks. If you had the money to buy a novelty like this, you’d probably have a reasonable amount of mobility to take it were it :
    1 won’t get destroyed
    2:there is something down there worth looking at
    3: won’t get you lost and you have to turn into grizzly adams
    and : would be easy to get another.



  83. eb tide joe

    And one more thing, if your so concerned about all the scratches, you can see what your about to scrape on DUH!!!!!!!!!

  84. ME


  85. Sebbe

    Well it’s pretty nice but what about a hole in your boat? Do u really see it? I guess not. But you will feel it if its getting soppy and soppier.^^

  86. Bali Web Design

    that very nice, very innovative

  87. sustainblue

    Is this made by Nalgene? Let’s take this to the extreme. What about BPA leaching into the water and killing fish after the lexan warms from being the sun?

    It looks the like the “kaynoe” has a rudder… Further proving this is not a canoe.
    JK, but no seriously…

  88. mat

    Thats really cool. I want one.

  89. Mike

    Forget sharks being able to see you, how about power boats NOT being able to see you? They have enough trouble seeing the school-bus yellow kayaks, in this thing they won’t know you’re there until they find bits of your skin in their propeller.

  90. Tholaris


    WHy would you spend all that money on a see-through canoe (or whatever you want to call it) just to paint the bottom? Why wouldn’t you just get a regular canoe/whatever?

    Now let me know when you can get a canoe with a mirror exterior. I’d love to see a shark’s face when he looks up into… ANOTHER SHARK! “DEAR GOD!” he’d say. “IT’S A SHARK! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

    Of course, he’d feel quite silly when he got home, realizing he was a shark himself.

  91. azadeh

    thats nice. i like it

  92. Natovr

    Wow, where can i get one? :D


  93. David

    Fun idea… where’s the second person supposed to sit?

  94. anon


  95. zakopane

    really cool

  96. Dave t_h_r_e_a_d_e_r

    I wanted to be in the canoe with the chick! Shes hott! And the canoe was ok too…:) Excellent DIGG!

  97. Supernetuser

    The transparent canoe may seem really cute at times but it can also feel creepy given that all you see below you is what’s in the water.

  98. web design romania

    Costs too much!

  99. zeeol

    I want one. how much is it?

  100. mummy

    price is with the pictures :)

  101. butthole


  102. elgnoh

    Due…… what if there is a shark in water?
    Would you rather sitting this boat at the time?

  103. Tex

    Give me a Searay 250 Custom ANY day.

  104. Eric

    That’s such a great idea!

  105. dayna

    i’d get it ~ $1600 ain’t that much ~ wonder what they’re gonna come up with next ~ maybe people could wear the invisible cloak the scientist were messin’ with.

  106. Charles

    I’d prefer it was cheaper, made with plastic, maybe inflatable. Wait I think it already exists…

  107. qwerty


  108. Teka

    make it into a kayak, canoes are for wussies.

  109. fornetti

    I do not believe this

  110. canoer

    I can only hope the idea of tethering the person to the canoe was a joke! I’m still laughing!

    … so, the canoe needs two things — a means to tether the person to the canoe, and an audible beeper remote location system …

  111. freddiebones

    It looks like a cool idea at first, but as others have commented, it will be opaque in no time from scratches, not just on the outside, but also on the interior of the hull from shoes, equipment, etc…UV rays will also reduce the transparency. I also agree with the comments that you would need very clear water, in which case you could just look over the side. Also, I think there would be quite a glare problem.

  112. grassy

    Even if it was photo shopped its still a great idea!
    And canoes are not for “wussies” they are for different purposes!

  113. sweet

    We were looking for one to buy. We have 4 kids 6 – 8 years old. 40 lbs makes it light enough they can carry rather than drag. I think they would have a hoot discovering the world underneath them. I saw one in Nassau and it was quite used, but put in to the water it seemed to still work quite well. My only hesitation is the price, It alot of money for something that looks like it would have a 3-4 year life expectancy.

  114. domenii

    i imagine myself at a place just like that…

  115. Dis Belief

    OMG!! Thank-you, all of you. I have not laughed this hard in months!!…except fot the comment about tethering to the cano/yak, please for the love all three brain cells dont ever do that.

  116. Joomlapanel

    Very cool, i can’t believe it.

  117. From an Aussie down under

    I have just seen & ridden in one of these in Australia. We have loads of places these can be used. The scratches did not stop vision in water. if you are worried about not finding when turn over – this one had painted irresedent ends. If you are using a canoe wher there are a lot of power boats tnen you dont value your life anyway. These canoes.kayaks definately have a purpose on some of our inlets where there is loads of life below. To see a stingray gliding underneath you is awesome. As 4 the sharks you must be using in open water in aussie to be in contact with sharks. Our small ones where live in inlets are not maneaters. Perhaps some of the negative people should go a try this for themselves before commenting

  118. mik

    oh yes!..i had that same idea when i was in poland paddling along the “krutynia” kajak path for 7 days…this would be awsome there..!

  119. arabianits

    Nice Boats!

  120. Angie

    Is there a place where you can rent the canoes?

  121. YesIWantIt

    I want this for my birthday! Pleaaaaaaaase!

  122. Ray

    Or an Alligator can see what is for dinner. Really cool product. Not being negative “From an Aussie down under”

  123. Nick

    I think it cool , but doesn’t glass get hot in the sun .were does one find a boat like this

  124. Kris

    Transparent canoe! What a good idea I wonder how much work it would be to keep clean?

  125. Mike

    Sweet. With one of these, I could get an extra few seconds of warning when I’m about to be eaten by a shark or alligator. ;)

  126. erin

    that’s my homework is so cool u can see fishes over it:)

  127. ScottEye

    Polycarb eye glasses are the most scratch-resistant “plastic” available. -resistant, not -proof. I think the people posting about the scratches being less bothersome in the water are probably correct. I’d love to try this at some resort sometime.

  128. ScottEye

    Re-reading the ad, this may not be polycarb at all, but rather PMMA.

  129. Moji

    The sheer number of posts about “Now sharks can see what they have for dinner” is ridiculous.

    First of all, who kayaks in the ocean? Sharks are saltwater dwellers.

    And yes, it seems to me the biggest problem with this is scratching. One day we’ll have a solution, though, I bet.

  130. Craig

    Who would be interested in one? i can hook you up with one for the cheapest price. email me or leave your email out here. Thanks!

  131. Ramon

    This is pretty cool.. Like the coolest kayak, ever.

  132. Thomas

    Its a great looking canoe, it just throws the image of strength and durability out the window as well as people on shore that can see you and your lady having fun (you know what I meen). LOL

  133. Chiller812

    Taking this on my next Loch Ness hunting trip.

  134. Teddy

    Very nice. How many scratches before it is no longer see thru.

  135. Kodiak

    AWESOME IDEA, to those worried about rocks and dragging your canoe on the beach, buy yourself a Kevlar, this is not a canoe for rapids. If your carefull with your equipment and take a few precautions i think it should last a long time. And if you paint the frame a bright color you should be visible.
    I’d love to own one.

  136. burbujas

    what if a couple goes out for a romantic time in this, then it gets a little heated… XD… show for the near by boaters? ill pass :) neet idea..untill you go to a lake, look over the side “oh look muddy gross sure ill see better with a clear bottem” ..looks down.. “nope, still gross lake water” X)

  137. Mindaugas

    All the wonderful ideas lies in simplicity. A great canoe. It is a pity that between me and the entire Atlantic Ocean…

  138. Shifau

    If its scratch proof, doesn’t easily get affected by sunlight its a very practical solution for people like us in the Maldives. Its crystal clear lagoons with lots of marine life.

  139. Fathun

    Just love it..

  140. Rerktyne

    Great! Stylish! Novel! Non-boring! Who cares about sharks or being hit or falling out and not finding it!
    Get another one!
    Get two!
    Get in it naked!
    Have a transparent paddle too!

  141. Azriel

    I noticed several comments about losing the boat if they fell out of it and can see that happening if skies are grey and water choppy or foamy. So, long thin poly cord attached to the boat with a bright yellow or orange float attached to end so boat can be found, even if it sinks. It being acrylic or polycarbonite, I highly doubt that it would sink, at least not very far.

  142. The Lord

    It won’t get scratches because it’s made of transparent aluminum. Scariest thing imaginable though, IMO.

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