Cutthroat Gin and Tonic

Cutthroat Gin and Tonic

Unusual bottle of gin and tonic designed to look like it was cut or sliced in some way to create a unique and visually striking appearance.

Cutthroat brand is a new beverage company that uses distilling processes from the 18th century and is inspired by the history and culture of gin.

The brand’s packaging design is meant to reflect the brand’s character and stand out in international markets.

Cutthroat bottles designed by Mousegraphics. The design focuses on the “sharpness” of the brand and the “cut” that separates it from others.

Cutthroat Gin

Cutthroat Tonic

Mousegraphics Cutthroat Gin

Mousegraphics Cutthroat

Cutthroat Gin Bottle

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