Wave Desk by Bored Eye Design

Wave Desk by Bored Eye Design

Unique desk for your home or office features creative wave-shaped plywood frame paired with a modern glass top.

Lost in a sea of clutter? Not with the Aalto Desk designed by Bored Eye.

The glass top provides a smooth work surface, while the wave frame offers integrated storage pockets for easy organization.

Wave Desk pays homage to the graceful movements of the ocean, infusing your workspace with a sense of fluidity and serenity.

The name “Aalto Desk” was inspired by the Finnish word “aalto,” which translates to “wave” in English.

Aalto Desk

Flowing curves of the wave frame lend a sense of movement and dynamism to the desk, creating a visually captivating focal point in any room.

Wave Desk

Ride the waves of productivity with the Aalto Desk by Bored Eye Design.

Wooden Wave Desk

Wave Goodbye to Clutter: Organize Your Workspace with the Aalto Desk.

Wooden Wave Aalto Desk

Beautiful plywood wave design keeps work essentials within reach and your workspace looking clean.

Aalto Desk by Bored Eye Design

Crafted from plywood, the Aalto Desk is made for eco-conscious consumers who value both style and sustainability.

Wave Desk by Bored Eye

Ready to make waves in your workspace? You need the Aalto Desk!

Aalto Desk by Bored Eye

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