Inizio Olive Oil Packaging

Inizio Olive Oil Bottle

Olive shaped oil bottle embraces the natural charm of the olive, inviting you to savor the true taste of nature.

Creative bottle, shaped like an olive, serves as a unique and captivating vessel for Inizio premium olive oil.

Drawing inspiration from the product’s origin, the packaging concept revolves around the brand name “Inizio,” meaning beginning in Italian.

Beautiful design not only mimics the olive’s distinctive shape, but also captures its natural color and essence.

Thoughtful approach aims to emphasize the freshness of the olive oil, making Inizio a delightful and visually appealing addition to any kitchen.

Inizio Olive Oil packaging designed by Anastasia Lukina, Roman Ershov, and Maxim Petrov. Nature’s goodness, beautifully bottled.

Olive Shaped Bottle

Inizio Olive Oil Packaging

Inizio Olive Oil Concept

Olive Shaped Oil Bottle

Inizio Olive Oil

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