Balcony Table

Balcony Table

Innovative table designed to be hooked onto the balcony railing comes with useful container for plants and flowers.

Transform your balcony into a home office. Beautiful views and fresh air will help you finish your next project.

Modern open air workstation for students and people who work at home.

Perfect coffee table for small balconies. Designed by Michael Hilgers.

Balkonzept Desk

Balcony Workstation

Balcony Railing Table


Balkonzept Table

Flowerpot Table

Balcony Desk

Balcony Railing Workstation

Balcony Workdesk

Balcony Coffee Table

Balcony Railing Desk

Flowerpot Desk

Balcony Coffee Table

Balcony Workstation

Balcony Desk

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  1. liz

    this is so smart o:

  2. gunneos

    it looks like a giant dustpan :/

  3. reason

    Are the sides needed? They really confine the space.

  4. Benoit

    If you use it for your laptop, the sides will help shield the sun from the screen.

  5. AltF

    Nice, The colors are too bright for me though. @reason they probably are also needed to support the weight of the surface.

  6. Gert

    I’d like it better made of wood I think but I love the concept. This would have been super useful in my apartment in my single 20s.

  7. Snufkin

    is that pretzel photoshopped in? ^^

  8. aokiharu

    This is fantastic!

  9. Ryyx

    @snufkin the pretzel is real, but everything else is photoshopped.

  10. kinda

    I like it!

  11. John

    How can i buy it?

  12. Advani

    I am interested in Balcony Coffee Table white color what is the price and shipping to Mumbai India

  13. Sudhir

    I am too interested in this product. What is the price to ship to Bangalore India. ?

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