Wooden Boat Wine Packaging

Wooden Boat Wine Packaging

Unique wine packaging inspired by Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” embodies resilience, triumph, and the beauty of overcoming challenges.

BOLD WIN wine packaging designed by Backbone Branding as a creative self-promotional project. Wine bottle placed in a miniature wooded boat.

Clever packaging, resembling the old man’s ship, signifies our daily choice to navigate challenges.

Wooden boat wine packaging stands out as cool due to its fusion of art, symbolism, interactivity, metaphorical depth, and attention to details.

The name “BOLD WIN” serves as a motivational message, encouraging consumers to embrace boldness and persistence until victory.

Backbone Branding Bold Win Wine

Bold Win Wine Packaging

The Old man and the Sea Wine

Backbone Branding Wine

Bold Win Wine

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