Beekeeper Honey Packaging

Beekeeper Honey Packaging

Unusual honey packaging looks like a wooden LEGO head of the Beekeeper covered with protective net.

“Beekeeper Honey” designed for Ergastiri Meliou by Busy Bee. Exquisite thyme honey in clever packaging that is a feast for the eyes.

Inside the box, you will find 250ml of pure Greek thyme honey in a glass jar, complemented by a sleek label featuring a modern design.

Simple box transformed into something unexpected and whimsical, while serving a practical purpose in protecting the honey jar.

Creative honey packaging adds an element of surprise and delight to the overall presentation, making it memorable and distinctive.

Beekeeper Thyme Honey Packaging

Bee Keeper Thyme Honey

Bee Keeper Honey

Bee Keeper Honey Packaging

Beekeeper Honey

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