Olive Shaped Oil Bottle

Olive Shaped Oil Bottle

Unique ceramic bottles designed to look like real olives hold Gino’s Garden organic olive oil sourced from Rihaneh region of Lebanon.

To capture the essence of Gino’s Garden limited production approach, a custom-made bottle was created by Marios Karystios.

Olive shaped bottles sculpted by Stelios Laskaris come in black gloss or green matte glaze finishes – a true embodiment of elegance.

Delicious oil made from handpicked fresh olives cold-pressed within six hours to ensure the highest quality and flavor.

Gino’s Garden oil bottles are a fusion of mathematical precision and artistic flair, making them not just containers, but small pieces of art.

Each olive shaped bottle represents the best quality of Gino’s Garden oil.

Olive Bottle

Gino’s Garden Olive Bottle

Organic Olive Oil Bottle

Olive Shaped Bottle by Marios Karystios

Marios Karystios Olive by Gino’s Garden

Marios Karystios Olive Shaped Bottle

Gino’s Garden Olive Bottles

Gino’s Garden Olive Oil

Olive Shaped Bottle

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