Cabin on Wheels

Cabin On Wheels

Tiny wooden house on wheels designed to be easily moved to any location.

Escape Traveler with comfortable bed, modern kitchen, bathroom, and wooden furniture. Take it on vacation or use it as a backyard office.

Made for extreme climates including heavy snow, brutal cold or heat.

Tiny Cabin on Wheels

Tiny House On Wheels

Wood Cabin on Wheels

Wooden House On Wheels

Wood House on Wheels

Wooden Cabin on Wheels

Escape Traveler Cabin

Log Cabin On Wheels

Escape Traveler

House on Wheels

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  1. Megan Y

    Wow this is very nicely done. I would live in this on a holiday for sure!

  2. Pearl Lambie

    So like how do you hook up the toilet and washer?

  3. Dave

    Stretching the images via photo shopping or special photo lens to make the trailer seem more spacious feels misleading, and thus, dishonest

  4. zaher

    Nice, Problem solved

  5. Swiper Fox

    Its called “Tiny House”. It could either be on wheels for mobility; or be at a permanent location.
    Mobile Tiny House have compost toilet; with built-in water tanks for shower, drinking, and washing; Optional Solar energy collector for lighting, heating, cooking; Optional mini-fireplace for cooking and for heating during winter. Difficulty of compost toilet is to occasional taking the poop bucket out for disposal.
    Fixed Location Tiny House can have regular plumbing, water and electrical supply. Fireplace is optional.
    Tiny Houses are normally with loft for bedroom/s. They are usually 200 to 400 square foot in size.

  6. pTc

    That is nothing more than the reinvention of the caravan.

    It’s not innovative, it’s not clever. It’s an architect who’s plagiarised one of the most common forms of mobile home.

  7. Teppiche

    Amazing Vehicle! Just enough space to live with, but what about the Price?

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