SUSHO Sushi Packaging

SUSHO Sushi Packaging

Individual sushi boxes are securely nestled within the outer container made of cardboard to prevent damage or shifting during transportation.

Eco-friendly SUSHO Sushi Packaging designed by Nikolett László and Csongor G. Szigeti at Media & Design Institute, EKCU, Eger, Hungary.

Made out of paper cardboard, each sushi set includes a convenient outer container with a handle, holding either 3 or 6 individual sushi boxes.

Innovative design makes transportation easier and contributes to reducing plastic waste from traditional takeaway packaging.


SUSHO Sushi Packaging features charming illustrations of koi fish and water lilies, reflecting the essence of Japanese culture and nature.

Paper Sushi Packaging

Each color corresponds to different types of sushi, with green representing vegan options, blue for mixed vegan & fish, and pink for salmon fish.

Sushi Packaging

SUSHO’s commitment to sustainability means you can enjoy your favorite sushi without harming the environment.

SUSHO Packaging

SUSHO’s paper cardboard packaging offers a greener option compared to traditional plastic containers.


Carrying multiple sushi boxes has never been easier or looked better.

Cardboard Sushi Packaging

SUSHO’s color-coded system allows for easy differentiation between sushi types, catering to diverse dietary preferences.

Nikolett Laszlo SUSHO Sushi Packaging

The inclusion of a handle on the outer container enhances usability, making it easier for consumers to carry multiple sushi boxes.

SUSHO Paper Sushi Packaging

SUSHO Sushi Packaging serves as a prime example of how innovation in product design can inspire others to care about the environment.

SUSHO Cardboard Sushi Packaging

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