Creative Art by Javier Perez

Creative Art by Javier Perez

Javier Perez creates unique works of art by combining simple drawings with office supplies, flowers, and real world objects.

Beautiful and creative artworks are published on his Instagram page.

Creative Art

Creative Doodles


Creative Doodle

Creative Illustrations

Instagram Art

Creative Illustration

Creative Artwork

Creative Artworks

Instagram Drawings

Creative Drawing

Creative Illustrations by Javier Perez



Creative Doodles by Javier Perez

Cintascotch Instagram

Creative Artworks by Javier Perez

Creative Drawings by Javier Perez

Artist Javier Perez

Instagram Doodles

Instagram Artworks

Instagram Artwork


Instagram Illustrations

Creative Drawings

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  1. Rafeek

    Amazing , ….!!

  2. davide


  3. Shelby

    Unique !

  4. Gert

    I remember doing this doodling in class. So cool someone made use of this :D

  5. Mark

    One of my favorite ideas of all times. Imagine what you could do with kids at a craft show or when they are bored. Awesome!

  6. Nisa Zul


  7. mangkum

    simple things but very creative…

  8. handoko

    talented artist

  9. Thangavelu

    nice work

  10. Swiper Fox

    I love the Stapler-Alien

  11. Milen

    Very creative!

  12. eddie

    Superb simplicity.

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