12 Creative Table Designs

Creative Table Designs

Spice up your house with one of these unusual and creative tables!

Oval Table

Creative table designed and made by Burgess Zbryk and Rie Egawa.

oval table

Kube Table

Coffee table in black glass.

Kube Table

Jigsaw Table

Made entirely from solid beech, the Jigsaw Puzzle Table consists of individual jigsaw shaped pieces that fit together to create a unique occasional table.

Jigsaw Table

Yin Yang Table

Coffee table in fiberglass with inlaid lines, black/alu.

Yin Yang Table

Marsh Table

The Marsh is surprisingly practical, with a generous surface, and voids that provide space to display books (or hide remotes). The volume is crafted from 14-gauge steel, seamlessly welded and finished smooth. The piece is then finished with DESU bone white, architectural grade polyester powder coat. Each piece is handmade exclusively in Brooklyn and is signed and stamped with the DESU insignia.

Marsh Table

Yo-Yo Table

The simple lines and lean-design of the Yo-Yo tables produce a sleek and attractive sofa/side table suitable for any space. The Yo-Yo tables feature curved, beech plywood lacquered in a variety of high gloss colors.

The Yo-Yo tables are offered in Beech plywood, high gloss lacquered in your choice of white, black or red.

Yo Yo Table

Titan Table

Desk in black ash veneer and chrome base.

Titan Table

BaObab Table

The BaObab desk, designed by Philippe Starck for Vitra, provides a refreshing approach to office furniture. It’s curved shape, created as a single piece, shields the user and provides a pleasant feeling of security. As a sculptural element, BaObab embraces the user, supports them in an unconventional manner in their work and ultimately gives the office a new feel. Its warm colors are inviting and its organic form challenges the conventional world of right angles and allows it to be positioned freely.

BaObab Table

Cardboard Table

Cardboard furniture by Leo Kempf.

Cardboard Table

Plateau Coffee Table

The Plateau coffee table is a multi-functional piece that can serve as a coffee table, a comfortable seat, or an ottoman on which to rest one’s feet. For those wishing to sit low to the ground, the seat can even be removed and used as a stand-alone floor cushion. The rectilinear stainless steel legs and mitered joinery enhance the clean, pared-down lines of the piece.

Plateau Coffee Table

Marice Table

Bedside table in wengé with glass top.

Marice Table

WIRO Table

The beauty of WIRO is as much in the manufacture as it is in the clean, almost industrial, yet modern design.

WIRO Table

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  1. Fred

    Some of the prices are CRAZY, but nice tables.

  2. web design company

    The BaObab Table is pretty cool looking

  3. Reah Guevarra - TV Ads Viewer

    I wish I will have them.

  4. chantix

    some of these are pretty cool and would definitely spice up an ordinary room. i would totally buy them if they were more affordable.

  5. TK

    I like the last one, although they’re all pretty cool looking tables. Definitely put in a room with other unique, modern-looking items.

  6. john

    so beautiful!

  7. anna rifai-adams

    great design!
    Is there any distributor in Melbourne Australia?

  8. JOhn Thomas

    Wow, I would like to have them ALL. Awesome stuff!


  9. turk

    3750 euros for that crap? i could make it at home… and i will :)

  10. enoses

    i might endup buying one of these ikia style tables!

  11. Myztry

    There’s some engineering feats going on to make some of these items. The designs aren’t that amazing, but creating them in one piece is.
    Whoever ships the parts for assembly (if any) would be carrying a lot of air. No components are stackable.
    I can’t even imagine how you move the green one into a house. How do you pick it up, assuming the back has no lifting indentations.

  12. seo

    I have had the cube table for the last 2 years so I guess its not that new.

  13. Coy

    I love the cardboard table … that is creative.

  14. sego

    Yin Yang Table
    this one is torribly funny

  15. Alex C

    Great collection. But speaking frankly, most of these tables may exist only in virtual world (i.e. in 3D). Good designer could render them so they look like real. Check this out:
    But I agree, the ideas shown in this article simply rock

  16. nader zare sadeghi

    all of them very nice thank you

  17. Pratish

    These are very cool!

    my favorite one is the Jigsaw Table


  18. Levitra

    very interesting furniture. i like the BaObab desk but would definitely want it in a different color

  19. rosita

    All relatively new designs but I like the BaObab Table more. :)

  20. The Deco Detective

    The green would be nice for my current styling. But since I’m fond of mini-makeovers, it probably would be unwise to spend the money…

  21. Alex Lover

    Nice tables… I like the Yo-Yo Table, but price $1,418.00 is not for me =)

  22. kipas

    I think Yin Yang table is unique :)

  23. jennifer

    I am in love with that green table! ::swoon::


  24. dennis

    My fav is the Leo Kempf and it is even better because of the Apple sitting on top of it.

    Nice designs overall.

  25. buli3go

    I love Marsh Table

  26. jennifer baring

    all the designs are great.wish someone could give me a baoBab or a yin yang.

  27. alex

    Most unfortunately are an eyesore. The cheaper items were far superior in design but then in the world of art if its lame add a high price and you have created a masterpiece. I was amuzed at Leo Kempf’s items they have great design, good job.

  28. tasarimci

    Yin Yang Table
    this one is torribly funny

  29. kirtasiye

    I love Marsh Table … :D

  30. dergi tasarımı

    some of these are pretty cool and would definitely spice up an ordinary room. i would totally buy them if they were more affordable.

  31. oyun

    Super designs .. Cardboard Table great :)

  32. ingilizce


  33. baba

    The green would be nice for my current styling. But since I’m fond of mini-makeovers, it probably would be unwise to spend the money…

  34. gazeteci

    mmm… very nice

  35. paslanmaz

    Thanks.. super table :)

  36. Dahlia

    At you the excellent site, a lot of useful info and good design, thank.,

  37. Kora

    Tammy, You have a lovely site with so many wonderful accolades.,

  38. dondurma

    Orange Slice Table so sweet, thanks for post :)

  39. oyunlar

    Superrr designs..

  40. Tracy

    Love the WIRO and the BaObab!

  41. sarwer

    simply very creative.

  42. maxine

    nice design but the prize is CRAZY

  43. zahira

    tables are beauty and crazy

  44. pablo

    Love them! design seems to be so easy…

  45. lucky


    the link to Kube Table isn’t acessible.

    how do i go about in purchasing this item?

  46. Sunil Kamble

    Wonderful design collections

  47. sushil jhunjhunwala

    good collection how do i go abt in purchase the same ?

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