Bookshelf Coffee Table

Bookshelf Coffee Table

Wooden coffee table features integrated shelves for books and magazines.

Bookshelf table designed by Endri Hoxha for people who love to read when they drink their morning coffee.

Book Coffee Table

Bookshelves Table

Book Table

Bookshelf Table

Reading Table

Endri Hoxha Bookshelf Table

Endri Hoxha

Endri Hoxha Bookshelf Coffee Table

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  1. eemke

    bad idee : if you accidently knock over your coffee…. all your books are dripping

  2. Robert Monroe, Jr.

    What eemke said.

  3. great idea here

    That table would work better with tempered glass on top, using rubber stops to raise it off the wood 1/4 inches.

  4. Zaher Sahyoun

    I think that if we put a glass over it, the books will be protected

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