Creative Concept Car Designs

Creative Concept Car Designs

Concept car is a car prototype made to showcase new styling and technology. Here at Toxel, we also believe that concept cars are made to inspire!

Therefore, today’s post showcases creative concept car designs.

Audi O Concept Car by Ondrej Jirec

The 2008 Audi O concept was designed by Ondrej Jirec, a design student from the Czech Republic who is beginning studies at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California in 2008.

Audi O Concept Car by Ondrej Jirec

Audi O Concept Car by Ondrej Jirec 2

Audi O Concept Car by Ondrej Jirec 3

Audi O Concept Car by Ondrej Jirec 4

MAG Magnetic Vehicle Concept

Winner of the unseen technology award at the Interior motives design award 2007, the MAG magnetic vehicle concept from Slovak designer Matúš Procháczka showcases two special technologies in one vehicle. Using magnetic power, the vehicle uses an electric engine that has a polarity which is the same as in road. Of course this will also require the roads to be made of huge concrete panels with magnets formed in them.

MAG Magnetic Vehicle Concept

MAG Magnetic Vehicle Concept 2

MAG Magnetic Vehicle Concept 3

Royal College of Art Concept Cars

The postgraduate course, with a global reputation for nurturing up-and-coming car designers, boasts an alumni that reads like the who’s who of the car design world.

This year’s fourteen graduates kept the flag flying. Competing for the 2008 Pilkington Automotive Vehicle Design award, their projects ranged from a fresh take on eco-design to finding new ways of expressing personalisation. A couple of the students even challenged the status quo by designing boats for an imaginary future destroyed by global warming.

– Phoenix concept by Sergio Loureiro Da Silva

Phoenix concept by Sergio Loureiro Da Silva

– Airflow concept by Pierre Sabas

Airflow concept by Pierre Sabas

– Nuaero concept by Jon Radbrink

Nuaero concept by Jon Radbrink

– Nereus concept by Ceri Yorath

Nereus concept by Ceri Yorath

– Iomega concept by Joonas Vartola

Iomega concept by Joonas Vartola

– Noah concept by Jung Hoon Rhee

Noah concept by Jung Hoon Rhee

– Enigma concept by Paul Howse

Enigma concept by Paul Howse

BRB Evolution Folding Concept Car

BRB Evolution concept is not only capable of fitting into tight spots with it’s Dyson vacuum-like design, but it’s also intended to be “green.” The concept car’s powered by electricity or hydrogen, in effect solving what Bailey considers to be the two main problems of the city of the future: pollution and overpopulation.

BRB Evolution Folding Car Concept

BRB Evolution Folding Car Concept 2

BRB Evolution Folding Car Concept 3

BRB Evolution Folding Car Concept 4

BMW 2015 Concept Car

The final projects of the Transportation Design students at Turin-based IED (istituto Europeo di Design), developed in partnership with BMW with the goal of creating a car for 2015 interpreting the language evolution and the brand’s philosophy.

BMW 2015 Concept Car

BMW 2015 Concept Car 2

BMW 2015 Concept Car 3

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  1. balla

    so when can i buy one of these

  2. Yuce Zerey

    Really cool!

  3. balla

    tose are one ugly pieces of cars.

  4. sandra

    those cars are cool i dont want to wait twenty years for them to come out.

  5. Dave

    I think designers live in their own private world that has no solid connection to reality. Most people wouldn’t be seen dead in cars out unusually styled (with a few exceptions, there are already cars like the Audi O out there). Sure, some will, maybe even more then some, but not near enough to make them economically viable.

  6. Dill

    these cars arent coming out… this is concept art.

  7. Laura

    What a shame :(

    But we may get them in the future :)

  8. snf

    These cars are great!!!

  9. Ciantarah

    To Dave:

    Designs like these aren’t aimed at producing cars that are currently marketable. The point of concept art is to push the envelope, imagine what the future many years from now will be like. In order to create something new, you have to be rather outrageous; dream big. You can always tone things down and make it more subtle later.

    Some ideas from these designs might make it into production models, but it’s unlikely any of them will translate directly into cars you can buy.

    I actually think a lot of people would like to own a unique-looking car, but can’t afford the ones that really stand out (nor do they want the associated headaches and expenses of maintaining and repairing an exotic car… take it from me; I’ve had one and it’s fun only till the darn thing breaks).

    Anyway, the most unique design ceases to be unique when every company is mass producing something like it… which is why everybody drives similar cars. At one time, the concepts modern cars were based on were groundbreaking. So, never fear… you’ll still be able to be part of the herd that drives boring, normal cars thirty years from now. It’s just that “normal” will have been redefined by then.

  10. leo

    I am really really tired of just SEEING concepts. They never ever mass produce the concepts. I want everyday average life to be futuristic already. when will we ever see the true future that we always see in movies and tv shows and commercials? It’s taking way too long.


    These are well-designed cars but we do not know that how long the concept will explore the same resemblance, anyhow congrats for all the students for their energetic concepts.

  12. SD

    @Leo, you sir… Are truly right!

  13. T

    The folding concept is ridiculous. The passenger compartment would be unable to fold at all, for risk of killing someone inside, so the whole point is moot. You wouldn’t be able to compress most of the unusable space. If there were no risk of crushing occupants, it might be an interesting design, but since we don’t live in that world…

  14. T2


    Maybe the idea behind the folding car isn’t so you can use it while driving. Clearly all 4 wheels are not on the ground, so it wouldn’t be usable anyway. Maybe it’s meant for storing? Parking lots could hold a lot more cars if they all folded in half…

    Think treadmill.

  15. jj

    Some seriously nice looking designs, but cant help wondering if the designers spend as much time and energy in working out a solution to powering these vehicles that does not involve the use of carbon energy or carbon technology in the fabrication process.
    Would be great to see these designs backed up with a thought process that takes the power unit and construction into consideration. The mag car is a start, but seriously – huge concrete panels – do a google for concrete and its effect on the environment!
    Concepts are great, i’m not knocking them, I just would like to see the designs backed up by a serious thought process about how these things can be made viable in our current climate.
    Just my take on it.

  16. girl4coolness

    Very nice. The Audi O looks like a spin on the Think OX variant. What about goss132? I’ve been reading about this car, and I’ve got to say the battery program kicks tail! I would love a car like that. Any Goss132 pics out there?

  17. Phil

    Anyone remember the Pontiac Banshee? In the early 90s (i think) it was a state-of-the-art concept car with fancy things like rear-view cameras. Now, the car itself looked pretty ugly and dumb in my opinion, but the concepts that went into designing it eventually came to the market. how many cars come with back-up cameras and proximity sensors these days? plenty.

    The point is that companies need to think ten to twenty years into the future as far as innovation goes. You ask for them to make cars “viable in our current climate”? thats what they’ve BEEN doing. if we want new cars to still viable in the climate ten years from now, then companies need to try out these crazy ideas on paper first. Companies like BMW and Lexus hire newbie Art students to come up with crazy ideas. some ideas stick, others (for good reason) don’t. It’s called brainstorming. thus, concept cars.

    Let’s be fair: these renders amount to nothing more than pornography for car-lovers. So just sit back and enjoy the over-the-top vehicles for what they are. Besides, if we didn’t have concept cars, who would hire all those Art majors?

  18. Reid

    Too bad they are not real yet. Amazing designs.

  19. Dan

    Less is more.
    – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1947

    The BMW design has a nice seating structure. Combine with the GINA concept, and simplify. Leverage the reduced skin weight by reducing the chassis mass. It should then be feasible to run all-electric for ideal efficiency and simplicity, though you still have an energy density storage problem.


  20. Chris

    Art Majors?

    Most of leading car designers have Bachelors of science or a masters in industrial/transportation design.
    Yes they can draw but then again they can figure out the vehicles drag coefficient too!

    But you are right these are open ended studies, not for production what are called blue sky- where anything is possible. The designers are saying “wouldn’t it be cool if….”

  21. Mark

    That Audi reminds me very much of the Volvo C30 we can all buy today. ( Wonder where they got their inspiration from…

  22. Girls On You Tube

    Oh my gosh! They are super cool!

  23. Car Mechanic

    I like the BRB Evolution. It’s got a good stance.

  24. rish

    dang, never seen anythin like them b4..nice post bro..keep it up!

  25. Michael

    Nearly all of these look pretty close to a normal car, 4 wheels, side by side seating etc. The Aptera which goes into production this year is at least as unusual looking as most of these, and it is actually practical.

  26. shabbir

    cannot be implemented when it goes to the factory

  27. Krazd

    I can see a lot of cars in the future taking the kind of styling shown on this page. more curves / more innovations

  28. General Pepper

    in that BMW, make sure you look for cyclists before you open the door!

  29. Radko

    BMW is off the limit… others are cool too.. the green one have no weals? how will that work?

  30. melee

    The BMW is a disaster. Sure, it’s pretty, but a giant stinking A-pillar at about 30 degrees like that? I wouldn’t want to be at an intersection with that thing.

    Yeah, I know it’s a concept, but a little nod to actual workability would be nice.

    (And just to show I’m being kind, I’m totally skipping, because it’s a concept, the impossible front wheels, ridiculous powered seat/doors, absence of space for mechanicals, and, most damning, the lack of any kidney grills.)

  31. Willy

    Concept cars go way too over the top these days to really achieve anything. They just look retarded, end up being far more environmentally disastrous than simpler, more reliable designs mostly due to amount of required materials, and they simply aren’t at all practical for any sort of daily use, and you can bet they won’t be financially feasible for close to 50 years.

  32. NYC

    whoever says there ugly.. etc. mad dumb ppl// think about the gas prices and what not… they made a nice 4 pasanger car with 65mpg but they dont let it in USA why.. b.c gov.. needs cars that are crazy in MPG

  33. Matt

    The Audi O looks a lot like the Volvo C30.

  34. kirtasiye

    he BMW design has a nice seating structure. Combine with the GINA concept, and simplify. Leverage the reduced skin weight by reducing the chassis mass. It should then be feasible to run all-electric for ideal efficiency and simplicity, though you still have an energy density storage problem.

  35. ingilizce

    Art Majors?

    Most of leading car designers have Bachelors of science or a masters in industrial/transportation design.
    Yes they can draw but then again they can figure out the vehicles drag coefficient too!

    But you are right these are open ended studies, not for production what are called blue sky- where anything is possible. The designers are saying “wouldn’t it be cool if….”

  36. baba

    he BMW design has a nice seating structure. Combine with the GINA concept, and simplify. Leverage the reduced skin weight by reducing the chassis mass. It should then be feasible to run all-electric for ideal efficiency and simplicity, though you still have an energy density storage problem.

  37. kingrex

    i dont care what anyone wants to say
    these cars ar wicked
    i abolutly love over the top designs
    that BMW is insane
    definately my favorite one

  38. gazeteci

    woooow Incredible…. ver very loved :d

  39. lalaland

    cool BMW

  40. gerbie

    That is one serious car right there very interesting design… very high tech alot too it the designers must have spent years on that.. fabulous car

  41. hpjdmengines

    The BMW folding concept looks a lot like the batman tumbler. All of these cars. are absolute pieces of art.

  42. izmild


  43. Christynne

    OMG! The car it so beautiful. I write from Venezuela. ^^, Bye Bye! XOXO.

  44. William

    These are one by one great idea’s.
    But impossible to adapt in the production line.
    And thats basicly the reason why most cars become more and more look alike.
    The mayor aim of manufactoring is to gain more profit at less despence.
    That also the reason why we still use the highly poluting combustion engines.Who are btw very low rendable and expencif on energy.
    But we must realize the our world economy is mainly based on oil.

  45. Ben lieske

    Those cars are so wierd

  46. Scott Allen

    Love most of the designs, even though many border abstraction. One flaw (I believe) is when a design is unbalanced, like around the rear Audi logo’s trunk latch. Does this bother anyone else? Stretch and slim it across, bring it from the bottom, something, but the unevenness will not last the test of time when it comes to good design.

  47. Grady

    These cars are crazy. I cant wait for them to be on the road! When will these be on the road!

  48. Krylun

    @ Leo

    I’m pretty certain we are living in the future we see in movies. If you take a look at the advances we’ve seen in the last 30 20 years, let alone, the last century, it’s pretty unbelievable, although we already accept this as normal and expected. Maybe not so much in transportation, but in architecture, and most notably in consumer projects.

    I mean, bluetooth headsets? Sure they’re “super lame” in many people’s opinion(including mine) but that’s almost directly out of some of the movies. Anything touchscreen is pretty close to some as well.

    Some automotive companies have tried to jump the gun, and failed miserably, so we are now in a slump where all the new releases are deliberately designed to have the retro look, because it is tested and financially viable. If cars like the Honda Insight and the disgusting Pontiac Aztec, had performed better in market, I’m sure we would have seen more game changing design in production already.

    Unfortunately, it is what it is, and what we drive is still based on what is fed to us as a heard, unless you can afford otherwise. Sure there are a million variations to select from, but none of them stem from the basic formula that was generated 100 years ago.

    Once the general public can get the fact that the current infrastructure is killing us in more ways than one, maybe we can see some real change as far as power generation is concerned.Which will then open the doors for real blue-sky vehicles. But that will take more time and money than most people are willing to give up.

  49. Tatananodlx

    Creative concept car designs – Good for showcases.

  50. Rafael

    such a pity they’r not available

  51. Nathan

    The Enigma, Iomega and the BMW are my favourites. For a futuristic concept, I think the Audi doesn’t go far enough and some of the others like perhaps the Noah go too far. I think a successful concept has to be something different but still something that can be understood. With the Mag concept, although it’s a great idea, I’ve seen the removed inner wheel idea countless times. It’s difficult I suppose to come up with somethng new in car design when more and more people are doing it.

    Like some others have said previous, concept cars are there to progress in car design. There are different types which in theory can be categorized:
    fantasy – like we see here. completely unrestricted and wild designs
    future concept – something futuristic but could be achieved in a number of years
    product-intent – a concept which is deemed possible and is likely to be mass produced within a few years.

    The fantasy concepts like the ones we see here are essential to the development of our production cars. Like someone said earlier, car manufacturers will employ design students to help give consumers like us a taste of the future.

  52. amanhem

    all these creative consept but i think these are un-realistik

  53. byron

    thoes cars are mad hard

  54. nikkin

    I like these cars very much.I an a 3d designer and i also have a dream to create my own car desigen that makes easy trevling in future.

  55. hi


  56. kevin lee

    i think these designers are kind of going away from what technologies are in this world right now and what technologies will be here 10 years later. also, when they decide to make them, they make it more boring. i hope there will be a way to get the same power on an engine but with cleaner fuel.

  57. thibel

    i want one!

  58. Bob Ewell

    The Audi… I would drive that.

  59. the car dude

    All these concept cars have lost the plot. they are TOO futeristic and expensive, so although some look great (where here on this page is non-existant)they will be forgotten as they will never go into production, or if they do no-one will buy them. I think we need to go back to basics and creature a car of passion while at the same time is producable and easy to manufacture, so that we can capture people’s minds, in a way that they can purchase it or something like it…

  60. Adrienne

    WOW! This is cool! When do they come out to the market? And when they do come out where do I buy them??

  61. Ross

    right dave lol like the smart cars u have 2 b careful when u sneeze next to those things

  62. Isaiah

    I am am glad i am young. I’ll be able to see more of what the future has on store.

  63. priyash jichkar

    r these concept car really made ,atleast single piece????
    if so then i would be most desirable person on earth to see any one of the above!!!!!!!!

  64. shriyash

    May be one day they will hit the road then we can burn some fuel…!!!

  65. Emi

    It’s so me.

  66. Ethan

    hey leo, if its so easy, you do it.

  67. yo

    you these cars are over my limeit aspecially the audi 0 it is better than me lambo ghini.and the pergot.

  68. Mark

    To leo and the other nay sayers who say concepts
    are never produced need to only look as far as
    the Dodge Viper to see a concept you can drive NOW.

  69. see

    Concepts are lookin like futur cars.

  70. Sean

    these cars are really cool i think if they were to be made they would make a hit
    this might be the beggining of out future

  71. stu

    for the mag car i was thinking instead of the car using magnets to push away from the ground (and the ground needing magnets too), the wheels have little magnetized ridges and the wheels turn by having their little ridges pushed away by a magnet from the car parralel to the ridges of the wheel

  72. obsever

    Its not the looks that worry me but how will you get the engine running in thise models

  73. zana

    so cool just like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  74. ross

    You’re all stupid, theres no way in hell your getting your hands on any of these. These cars probably have more money put towards them than you’re city puts towards you.

  75. ross

    And Balla, you have no idea what kind of an art form these things are.

  76. unknown

    coo;;;ll o_O

  77. oscar

    really cool cars
    japan gets all the cool cars

  78. Samuel

    It is obvious that all you people who are mocking the designs are not engineers since only engineers understand true beauty. We can appreciate the huge effort put into these designs (not just the aesthetics). For your information, concept cars are never really meant to be produced.. Theyre just there to provide a concept (hence the name…duuuh) on which the designers could base the actual car.

    probably back in the days when people where still riding on horseback, some smart designer must have come out with the concept of using an engine to power a box with 4 wheels…who would have thought that would work out?

    Think before you speak…I can bet that youre accountants! :)

  79. m. max

    if those are the cars of tomorrow ill walk

  80. Frank

    wow, when can i get one of this? really cool!

  81. John Azzwiper

    the Enigma concept by Paul Howse looks like the cars that we used to make in engineering class in middle school LOL, start out with a triangle block of wood and make a car out of it!!! hahahaha

  82. jhon terry

    i had a lambo but than scince i saw these cars i sold it so than i have enough money to bye

  83. Falk Cardian

    Yeah; I was also looking at the Goss132. I did find some extra photo’s for their Production Model ( not a simple concept ). I think it looks great.

    Looking forward to Goss132 in Maryland. We could really use a car like that. Love the price point.

    Here are the Goss132 images which I believe were officially released this year.


  84. anita

    idk if any of you dont or do like these cars because if they do ever mass produsce them, only the rich bastards will get them. and even of they do make a cheap version of them for the average ppl, they’ll be just like the every other car just with a better body kit…but i do have to admitt they are kick-ass :D

  85. Zack

    Mustangs knock those cars outta the water.

  86. Kevin

    I think these concepts are GAU – god awful ugly

  87. addngkr

    Wicked cool!!

  88. max

    I like All the cars ACSEPT the noah consept it is not a car and i am only 9 aswell so i think i know cars cuz my dad is a honda designer


  89. sally

    the cars of the FUTURE !!!

  90. The Shadow

    Cool cars, but when the flying ones come out, these ones will totally die in comparison. Already got the prototypes mapped out.

  91. Tinashe

    Those are impressive designs i should say, especially the BMW 2015 concept. I am an inspired home designer and have a thing for aerodynamic efficient designs such as these. I think cars are going the correct direction and would dream of having hand in it.

    I wouldn’t say only engineers and designers understand true beauty in designs at all, because designers aim is to satisfy the public with their visual imagination.

  92. Vangelis

    you guys are crazy.. why don’t all you designers go and make a REAL car that actually moves and that will have a chance of seeing a public road.. You designers are madd, but i think your designs are not practical. Look at Holden’s plans for 2015-2020. they are still talking about a combustion 5L engine (engine that runs on fuel…. Petrol (unleaded/Gasoline)

  93. amy

    these cars are so personality!! love them….lol..

  94. shayla

    These cars are cool! cant wait for them to come out.

  95. amy

    wow, these cars are cool, love them…..^_^

  96. Akss

    Realy these cars are cool, but over designing makes them bad except audi

  97. Audi Fan

    There are some really ugly cars, which will make our world look ugly. I can imagine seeing them on the roads and I hope they never come out.

  98. Alex Final

    Some pretty original and some far out designs. Every car gets over designed before they actually release the car.

  99. Oliver

    The Audi O kinda looks like something between an Alfa Romeo MTO in the front.. and a Volvo at the back.

  100. tim

    Very cool concepts! Its always interesting to see what peoples ideas of the future are. I remember what the future looked like in the 80’s I cant wait to see what people will think the future will look like five years from now

  101. coco

    I like these cars look great!!!

  102. pankaj

    verry cool cars .. and very innovative ideas .. awesome cars …

  103. mayarski

    the best concept is the one that resebles to the insect … the concept of giving importance to energy and forget the securuty is really foolish . speed is not the aim for the future … howcan we tolerate more furtive forms and aerodynamicsand forget the milions that may use the future roads or may be killed because of velecity impact … we need nice cars .. bur we need also secure ones .. much glass in the car … i thilk that there are many materials that can replace it …
    try to not forget the part of nature in that . that means how do insects or birds fly spedily without hitting the walls like we do .. they have the shape and they fleww much before our cars and vehicles …thanks

  104. Denis Kalinichenko

    There are no bad ideas of cardesign, but they are not for life, and to boast, and I think that even in the future, there is no such machines, as they are more like as puppet toys or high couture(fashion) from cloth designers.
    personally am not a professional, the ability to no education car designer, but i drawn away from my youth technical design situations exterior auto technology, I drew practical innovations for cars, not trying to attach in to car legs, wings or beak.

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