Santa Claus in Classic Paintings

Santa Claus in Classic Paintings

American photographer Ed Wheeler dresses up as Santa Claus and inserts himself into famous paintings.

“Santa Classics” holiday cards for the fans of Santa Claus and beautiful art.

Santa Classics

Santa Claus in Old Paintings

Santa Claus in Famous Paintings

Santa Claus in Paintings

Ed Wheeler

Santa Claus in Iconic Paintings

Santa Painting

Santa Classics by Ed Wheeler

Santa Art

Santa Claus Art

Santa Classic

Santa Claus Paintings

Santa Claus Painting

Santa Claus in Art

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Make Saint Nick to wear a 4th century monk/bishop’s brown robes to make it more realistic.

  2. Jorge Cajina

    Super entretenido y creativo yo le doy un diez!

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