Collection of Unique Wallet Designs

Unique Wallet Designs

Today’s post features a collection of unique and creative wallet designs.

Air Mail Envelope Wallet

Made from a one single sheet of Tyvek, (no stitching or parts that can be ripped or torn).

Air Mail Envelope Wallet

NES Controller Wallet

Another reinvention of this gaming classic…

NES Controller Wallet

NES Controller Wallet 2

Crossword Wallet

Measures 4”x4.5” folded. ID and credit card slots, as well as a deep slot for cash/left overs.

Crossword Wallet

Crossword Wallet 2

Dollar Bill Money Clip

Same size and feel as the cash it holds.

Dollar Bill Money Clip

Duct Tape Wallet

Made from Super Duct Tape (specifically engineered so that your wallet won’t lift, peel, or get sticky), these duct tape wallets are one part high fashion, one part weekend warrior, and another part sheer cool.

Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet 2

Illuminating Wallet

The “Walluminate” – a wallet that glows in the dark.

Illuminating Wallet

Illuminating Wallet 2

Cassette Wallet

Retro wallets hand-made from cassette tapes.

Cassette Wallet

Collection of Unique Wallet Designs

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  1. jimi

    tnx a lot they r very beautifuel

  2. saeed shafipour

    that’s great collection

  3. Nikumbh

    nice collections..

  4. Dainis Graveris

    Wow, awesome and creative ones :) Although I prefer to buy just work, created by pros not someone like me :)

  5. michael

    NES wallet is awesome!

  6. kim

    my Air Mail wallet is … in the mail.

  7. mehrnoush

    among of all wallet design I like dollar money wallet, becouse if I have one such as I always have money in my wallet.haha

  8. klaas jan

    is there anyway that i might get cancer from those wallets?

  9. tasarimci

    gooooood collections..

  10. ingilizce

    super design very funny

  11. baba

    nice collections..

  12. gazeteci

    very nice

  13. Thomi

    The paper wallet is quite cool, think of making designs for those then printing them and fold them into an actual wallet.

  14. Prabhushan

    the video on paper wallet just saved me a dime… showed it to my friends … every one congratulated me for my inovation.

  15. sameh

    Thats agreat collections

  16. Joe Dirt

    credit card holders realy help me thanks buddy

  17. emmajane

    I’ve also seen another wallet which was made of lead, or some other kind of metal which blocked people who are trying to hack into you’re credit card from doing so . Don’t know what it’s called, though.

  18. mohd irfan

    Great collection

  19. gobo

    @Emmajane; it is impossible for someone to hack into your credit card when it’s just hanging around in your wallet. That was either a hoax or a con.

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