12 Unusual and Creative Wallets

12 Unusual and Creative Wallets

The most creative and innovative modern wallets designed to help you carry your money, credit cards and identification documents in style.

Bacon Wallet

This delicious looking wallet is perfect for any bacon lover. [buy now]

Bacon Wallet

Gun Holster Wallet

Creative modern wallet designed to look like a gun holster. [more]

Gun Holster Wallet

Recycled Tire Wallet

Cool rubber wallet created from recycled mountain bike tire.

Recycled Tire Wallet

Wooden Wallet

Unusual wallet uses credit cards as a lid for money bills.

Wooden Wallet

NES Controller Wallet

Super slim wallet made from duct tape with silver background.

NES Controller Wallet

Wallet 2.0

Flip-top wallet includes transparent compartments for different items.

Wallet 2.0

Cool Wallet

Photo Frame Wallet

Now you can carry up to 60 digital photos inside your wallet, thanks to the built-in digital photo viewer.

Photo Frame Wallet

Flipside Wallet

RFID shielded wallet keeps your credit cards locked up and secure.

Flipside Wallet

Money Wallet

Stylish wallet looks like a stack of one hundred dollar bills. [more]

Money Wallet

Aluminum Wallet

Hard enough to withstand a nuclear strike, this wallet holds a wad of money and still has enough room for ten credit cards.

Aluminum Wallet

Waterproof Wallet

Bendable wallet from Dosh looks cool and is waterproof.

Waterproof Wallet

Mattress Wallet

Wallet for people that like to hide money under their mattress.

Mattress Wallet

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  1. aditia

    the recycled one is nice, making useful thing from some garbage

  2. Feras

    gr8 list !! .. ‘the Money Wallet’ will guarantee that you will got robbed no matter what !

  3. Fred

    I’ve had a Splaff brand wallet made out of recycled bike innertubes for a couple years now. Mine even has the “26X1.9/2.125” mark on it.

  4. chazzzz

    don’t use the gun holster around where I live, the police could shoot you !

  5. Reilly

    $100 bill one won’t work any longer. The design has changed. But great collection!

  6. timmay

    i wouldn’t carry around the money wallet it prolly wuld get stolen, and the gun holster wallet definetly wouldn’t take to an airport. =0

  7. Stan

    Hmmm…Wonder if anyone who’s wearing the Gun Holster Wallet will get through airport customs….even if its empty…

  8. Amy

    You spell wheels as tire?
    I always spell it tyre… maybe it’s just one if those words with two spellings…

  9. Toasty O's

    It is terrible to think that the next wallet I buy will have to be RF shielded.

    I do like those hard case wallets though.

  10. Taylor

    It’s spelled tire in American English, and tyre in British English.

  11. lollipop

    i agree, the money wallet wud prolly get stolen.
    i wuld get tyhe water proof wallet.:)

  12. Simplicity??

    In addition to looking dangerous, as previous posters have commented, the gun wallet doesn’t look very secure. Note that in the right-side picture this wallet looks like a great target for a mugger. Not a very good design at all.

    Some of the others are pretty cool.

  13. Pete

    I’ve used hemp wallets for years. Really like them

    That tire wallet looks like it would be hard to take out of your pocket (friction and rough surface)

  14. Eva

    I love the washable wallet, perfect for those that often drop their wallets in the toilet.

  15. Chad

    I’ve become acustomed to a money clip over the years. It’s oh so minimal.

  16. Julie

    You’ll get mugged with the money one, bacon one makes me feel a bit sick looking at it and I LOOVE bacon.
    The gun holster one will probably get you beat up/stopped at customs…

  17. Kyle

    I would mug someone for the bacon one

  18. adkarta

    where could i get one of those? i like the waterproof..

  19. ReSkull

    Gun Holster Wallet Is really awesome I will Find Some !!!

  20. Chris

    I love to have one of wallets… could delivery to Indonesia?

  21. Jon

    Can someone invent a wallet with a homing device. Lost mine and that would have helped in the first few hours.

  22. Thomas

    My Alumiwallet broke only after two months, now it is a rubberbanded alumiwallet, which really sucks. I thought it was a good idea, now back to dead cow wallet!!!

  23. Pete

    Where’s the duck tape wallet?

  24. ramessa

    Haha, would definitley buy the water proof one XD

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