14 Creative and Unusual Beds

14 Creative and Unusual Beds

Unique and innovative beds that will help you relax at the end of the day.

Car Bed

Modern bed created out of recycled car parts for V8 Hotel.

Car Bed

Vertical Bed

Unusual bed from Ernesto Neto allows you to sleep standing up.

Vertical Bed

Nest Bed

Awesome bed designed to be as comfortable and cozy as a nest.

Nest Bed

Bookcase Bed

Karen Babel has designed a bed that hides between bookshelves.

Bookcase Bed

Safety Bed

Weird bed locks you into place to make sure that you do not move.

Safety Bed

Grass Bed

Nature inspired bed for people that like to sleep in their garden.

Grass Bed

Earthquake Proof Bed

Wang Wenxi from China has designed an earthquake proof bed. Combine it with the best mattresse for maximum comfort.

Earthquake Proof Bed

Phi-ton Bed

Adjusts to unique desires and physical characteristics of every user.

Phi-ton Bed

Foldable Bed

Innovative bed made of fiberglass reinforced plastic tubes can fold and adjust to different mattress sizes.

Foldable Bed

Floating Bed

Supported by one foot in the middle to creates the floating illusion.

Floating Bed

Ice Bed

Cool bed carved out of ice is located inside Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Ice Bed

Fetal Position Bed

Creative bed designed for people that do not move when they sleep.

Fetal Position Bed

Glass Bed

Stylish bed designed by Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano for people with modern homes and luxury bed linen.

Glass Bed

Hammock Bed

This cool suspended bed will spice up any contemporary bedroom.

Hammock Bed

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  1. jack

    Damn i really want that Hammock Bed and that Nest Bed there so cool!!!

  2. timmay

    the grass and nest are awesome

  3. Torjan

    Glass and Grass Are Great… But Vertical Kills From Sleeping..

  4. KKL

    Phi-ton Bed!! definitely the Phi-ton Bed!

  5. Alex

    I would like a bed of glass. Stylish piece.

  6. Tamri

    vertical and grass bed were the ones I can have them at home :)

  7. Kirvi_Inci


  8. MMM

    I NEED the hammock bed! The foldable bed looks interesting too.

  9. MBB

    Is that girl on the foldable bed part of it?
    I want to be folded then :D

  10. Omar Khan

    Amazing. I’ve been looking at beds for my room. I love the nest bed. I think ill get one made like that :p

  11. he

    Floating bed is supported by a piece of metal? Why don’t you put a real floating bed, that’s supported by magnets? Much cooler. ;)

  12. :)

    The Safety Bed looks like torture.

  13. pakarazzi


    @he: love the magnet idea.

  14. kadal

    lol…..wonder what it feels after using safety bed……must be really tiring…..i’m sure the concept was SAFETY = PAIN.

  15. person

    Phi-ton bed looks awesome, but im pretty sure the “floating” bed is kinda dangerous

  16. Louie

    that glass bed rocks

  17. Alice

    oh my god I had no idea there were so many different types of beds they all rock!

  18. walead

    Phi-ton Bed!! definitely and Floating Bed very creative

  19. Rhaissa

    the Fetal Position Bed seems like so uncomfortable

  20. hannah

    i have the earthquake proof bed its really nice and comfy you should get it, never get the fetal position bed you fall off anyway

  21. Jorge


  22. lori

    bet that standing up bed would be amazing for acid reflux or wut i have GERD which is waaaaay worse should look into it lol

  23. parandis

    I really like Glass and grass beds and fetal position one is so creative but seems alittle useless

  24. Kinoriiiiih

    The glass and the floating beds are wicked :)

  25. someone

    is it possible to buy these beds??? i really want the hammock.

  26. lizz

    i have a hammock bed and my friend has a nest bed!

  27. Makayla

    Verticle bed is DEFITELY something I would use haha :)

  28. katie

    floating bed! really awesome!!!!I want to have one..

  29. amber

    i want the glass and nest bed pricesss pleassse

  30. hubub

    i want all of those beds

  31. Ashe

    Grass bed + Nest bed = Realistic bird bed!

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