Google Stickers by Filippo Minelli

Google Stickers by Filippo Minelli

An ongoing project by Italian artist Filippo Minelli shows us the world where everything is powered by Google.

Google Energy – Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. 2009

Google Energy

Google Great Wall – Beijing, China. 2009

Google Great Walls

Google Landscapes – Bilbao, Spain. 2008

Google Landscapes

Google Care – Bilbao, Spain. 2008

Google Care

Google Answers – Paris, France. 2008

Google Answers

Google Calls – Paris, France. 2008

Google Calls

Google Subways – Bilbao, Spain. 2008

Google Subways

Google Seasons – Milan, Italy. 2008

Google Seasons

Google Cleaning – Paris, France. 2008

Google Cleaning

Google Choices – Brescia, Italy. 2008

Google Choices

Google Famine – Brescia, Italy. 2008

Google Famine

Google Boxes – Paris, France. 2008

Google Boxes

Google Travel – Spain. 2008

Google Travel

Google Illusions – Barcelona, Spain. 2009

Google Illusions

Google Railways – Brescia, Italy. 2008

Google Railways

Google Kids – Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. 2009

Google Kids

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  1. Paul Sample

    just awesome!

  2. Megan

    HAHA, Google World!

  3. wtyang24

    i esp. liked google answers, haha.

  4. amanhem

    i like all but i think the best one google cleaning. :)

  5. Sklep Zoologiczny W─Ödkarski

    Like I use to say: Google knows and owns everything as well as is everywhere ;)

  6. ariel dmasiv

    what an inspiration today..
    ya ampun kalian para bule mang kreatif banget!!
    do like bule..

  7. Dave

    Amazing! google choice is brilliant

  8. Wu-Tuan Jang

    this isnt art. Sorry.

    Just hating, chill.

  9. Jehzeel Laurente

    everything in the world is powered by Google! yay!

  10. Beezy


  11. kreebilicus

    google illusions – yes!

  12. Dan

    >>Wu-Tuan Jang
    >>this isnt art. Sorry.
    >>Just hating, chill.

    I agree- this is a pretty dumb idea. The landscapes one is shopped, isn’t it? Add lazy execution to a dumb idea, and it’s just a failure.

  13. Mott

    This is a great advertisement campaign. And too the beatniks who hate go make an instillation piece that 3 people will see.

  14. wiredsleeper

    what font did he used for the texts below ?

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