Moose Cabinet

Moose Cabinet

Creative moose shaped furniture doubles as an entryway cabinet, dining room sideboard, and living room or bedroom dresser.

Moose Cabinet designed by Name Place Animal Thing, where form and functionality meet whimsical charm!

Crafted out of premium Oak wood, Moose Shaped Cabinet stands out for its premium construction.

What sets the Moose Cabinet apart is its plug-and-play accessories, offering a customizable experience tailored to your needs.

Antlers function as hanging hooks for keys, caps, hats, or scarves, while charming green bowl is perfect for organizing things.

Open and closed shelves provide a versatile display and storage space, allowing you to showcase or conceal with ease.

The Moose’s eye acts as a knob for the face shutter, revealing beautiful green-stained internals that surprise and astonish.

Moose Cabinet by Name Place Animal Thing

Name Place Animal Thing Moose Cabinet

Moose Shaped Furniture

Moose Furniture

Name Place Animal Thing

Name Place Animal Thing Furniture

Moose Shaped Cabinet

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