Clever and Creative Bus Advertising

Clever and Creative Bus Advertising

Creative uses of buses in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Keep Holland Clean Bus Advertisement

Don’t turn the bus into a garbage truck. It’s just as easy to throw your trash in the waste bin.

Keep Holland Clean Bus Advertisement

Renault Twingo Bus Advertisement

Car shown not actual size. The Roomy Twingo.

Renault Bus Advertisement

Monster Wrong job Bus Advertisement

Stuck in the wrong job? –

Monster Wrong job Bus Advertisement

Tabasco Bus Advertisement

Creative bus advertisement for Tabasco in Belgium.

Tabasco Bus Advertisement

CareerBuilder Bus Advertisement

“Don’t Jump” –

CareerBuilder Bus Advertisement

Duracell Bus Advertisement

Creative bus advertisement promoting Duracell batteries.

Duracell Bus Advertisement

ACDelco Bus Advertisement

“Don’t drive on fake parts” – ACDelco.

ACDelco Bus Advertisement

Air India Express Bus Advertisement

“Air travel at land travel fares”.

Air India Express Bus Advertisement

Axe Bus Advertisement

Bus advertising campaign for Axe deodorant body spray in Dubai.

Axe Bus Advertisement

Road Safety Bus Advertisement

Look both ways before crossing the road.

Road Safety Bus Advertisement

Harley Davidson Bus Advertisement

Motorbike handles were mounted in buses to announce the arrival of new Harley models.

Harley Davidson Bus Advertisement

ASICS Bus Advertisement

“NYC is my running partner” – ASICS.

ASICS Bus Advertisement

Stop Smoking Bus Advertisement

Ready to quit?

Stop Smoking Bus Advertisement

Just in One Bite Bus Advertisement

Clever bus advertisement that speaks for itself.

Just in One Bite Bus Advertisement

IWC Big Pilot Watch Bus Advertisement

Riders in Berlin, Germany got to try IWC’s Big Pilot’s watch mid-commute because bus straps have been fashioned into samplers by Jung von Matt/Alster.

IWC Big Pilot Watch Bus Advertisement

WeightWatchers Bus Advertisement

WeightWatchers Bus Advertisement

National Geographic Bus Advertisement

“Built for the kill. Now on National Geographic Channel”.

National Geographic Bus Advertisement

X4 Energy Drink Bus Advertisement

X4 Energy Drink Bus Advertisement

Camera Store Bus Advertisement

Creative bus advertisement for Yodobashi camera store.

Camera Store Bus Advertisement

Tiernitos Dog Food Bus Advertisement

Tiernitos Dog Food Bus Advertisement

Dr. Best Bus Advertisement

“The new Dr. Best Flexible”.

Dr Best Bus Advertisement

All Laundry Detergent Bus Advertisement

How much can one small bottle clean?

All Laundry Detergent Bus Advertisement

OTO Trimax Slim Bus Advertisement

“Belt Up and Shape Up” – OTO Trimax.

OTO Trimax Slim Bus Advertisement

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  1. Paul Sample

    The Rebault Ad is a Great Idea, two thumbs up!

  2. Mohammad Shabaz

    Very Nice…!

  3. Richi

    don’t jump! haha :]

    Great post.

  4. Juliette

    great selection, such smart ideas!! thank you!!!

  5. jmndos

    I used to design those in college….we did taxis mostly…..all vinyl cut…..

  6. dai

    very nice!

    Liked the weightwatchers style.

  7. Pablinho

    Amazing ads !!!

    Had seen a couple already but most are new to me. Very creative work on most.

  8. ador

    creative selection

  9. Sklep Zoologiczny Wędkarski

    Just admirable!

  10. MIchelle McCormack


  11. rl

    creative ads

  12. Naldz Graphics

    LOL this are so COOL!!:)

  13. Mohammad

    wow! thank you for sharing

  14. Josep d'Artesa

    Curios i molt bonic

  15. Jaqi Mugo

    I really don’t like the road safety bus ad.

    Stop smoking and don’t drive on fake parts buses really drove the point home!

    That Dr. Best Bus is REALLY LONG! :O

  16. mumunto

    wonderfull, i didn’t think the bus become the advertise media.

  17. VAL


    it`s incredible

  18. happyseaurchin

    can we come up with ideas?
    open-source advertising and marketing is the future!

  19. Azizur Rahman

    Here is what I have captured about couple of years ago.

  20. javier


  21. Nosferatu5

    Wow. Simply incredible.

  22. Dainis Graveris

    oh, it’s all about being creative – very clever advertisements!

  23. gilru

    oh. it`s incredible

  24. alejo

    Wow..really amazings advertisings !

  25. choa

    Wow!! very nice!

  26. jihe

    so funny!
    I wanna do like that!

  27. Change Your Life for Better

    Very funny and creative advertisements. People get more creative during recession times..

  28. Niagra Seneca

    great ads!!!

  29. Kristine

    Don’t jump! And Jaws are my favorites! Very cool and innovative!

  30. elham

    these are wonderful!!!!
    thanks for share them

  31. JHL

    What a nice idea!

    vert wonderful!!!!

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  33. mars

    fantastic et drole

  34. omid

    oh very nice

  35. Uslukan

    Advertising we often feel as annoying if, for example, the private TV between an exciting film suddenly stalled is to advertise it. These advertising on buses, however, I find very well done, funny and makes fun. MfG

  36. apm


  37. mo-cacher

    The harley grips roolez!

  38. christina

    Those are really great to see!nice!

  39. Kelvin Karungu

    very creative, especially the Air India Express Bus Advertisement.. Kool.

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  41. stacey

    Really cool, made me smile!

  42. nasim

    Very nice!

  43. Jaqueline

    wow Fabulous
    There is a lot of creative people, isn’t?
    It’s really funny..thanks for share

  44. Thiago


    on the “Road Safety Bus Advertisement” the right is “Cross on the pedestrian crossing” in portuguese.

    That´s the best one!

  45. Clara Fischer

    Wow!!! Very nice!!!

    A criatividade é mesmo algo incrivel! Isso devia ser feito no Brasil tb! Assim poderiamos reclamar da nossa politica de uma forma q realmente chame atençao!!


  46. dstar2

    Aren’t some of these (most of them?) distracting to other drivers/pedestrians?

    Sure they’re creative, but if they lead to accidents, they’re also hazardous.

  47. Tarun

    realy! funny and creative advertisement

  48. Aida Carvalho


  49. Cheryl

    Loved the bus safety one. Should make people look twice. But all were great

  50. Miguel

    very good!!!

  51. Inho

    It’s Fantastic

  52. Cali Poland

    Very nice:)
    don’t jump the best:)

  53. Carlos

    Very very nice… the magazine “Super Interessante” (Very Interesting) from Brasil published your address. Congratulations.

  54. Alexis

    Amazing wonderfull!!!!!!!!

  55. Ricout-BR

    Hello, very very good site, i love the images, i see the photos on a brazilian magazine : ”Super Interessante” , Congratulations….

  56. nodisturb

    wow nice photos what amaizing job!
    see ya!

  57. easy4com

    opp!! Very Amazing

  58. Raj Anand

    Very Creative mind with fantastic Job

  59. Thiago


  60. espeeh

    i loved!
    very nice ideas!
    i want to travel in a bus like that!
    i’m brazilian but, my english is very good and i just have 11 years old!

  61. losn

    so cool
    i loved

  62. Jennifer

    This is GREAT stuff!!!

  63. Suman Bhat

    Bangalore’s bus service, BMTC, has introduced a new line of buses called Big 10. The cool thing about these buses is the branding. The logo is designed in such a way that it reads BIG in English as well as Bangalore’s native language Kannada.

    Check out the post on

  64. Ana P.

    “Don’t jump” is the best !!!

  65. Tobin Jenkins

    Great ideas!
    We actually produce and apply bus wrapping so its of particular interest.
    Its amazing what can be achieved with the right creative.

  66. kutty dubai

    we did lots of buses in dubai/i like all new concept and images

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  68. Sathish

    Amazing Ads… Nice

  69. Kerem Bekman

    excellent, brilliant …

  70. Kenan

    its very cool .. amazing ads

  71. همس الأخوه

    very nice
    but i think it take many many time

  72. aljun

    amazing! i want this kind of Ads here in manila philippines…

  73. Tekstschrijver Martijn

    Very nice, I really like how the work with opening doors and the Harley Davidsons + the watches.

  74. Marimuthu J

    i can’t believe it!………………..

  75. HoLan

    “Monster wrong job bus ad.” at Hong Kong. Cheer.

  76. AJ

    I’ve seen a lot of great ad collections, but I love the bus ads. There are so many great ways to use the medium to get across a powerful message!

  77. Dice

    So clever, i use to study advertising and this pictures give me ideas.. ** =)

  78. rahul revar

    really very eye catchy n very very creative …….

  79. parulekar p d

    great ideas

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