Gravity Powered Ice Mold

Gravity Powered Ice Mold

Ice Ball Mold is an innovative product that allows people to easily transform blocks of ice into perfect spheres, diamonds, and other cool shapes.

Japanese invention is fitted with cold-proof wooden grip that makes the mold easy to handle. Simply place the ice between two aluminum blocks and watch the gravity do all the work.

Perfect ice machine for bars, restaurants, and modern home kitchens!

Ice Ball Mold

Ice Sphere

Ice Ball Machine

Ice Baseball

Baseball made of Ice

Ice Diamond

Ice Soccer Ball

Ice Football

Ice Ball

Ice Mold from Japan

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  1. Diego

    looks like fun but where can you find a huge ice cube to mold it?

  2. Mon Sun C

    This looks really cool!

  3. Poet

    @Diego seriously? how about your freezer?

  4. Shandya

    I wonder how they make those crystal clear ice blocks

  5. Niyari

    Freeze boiling water yields clearer ice.

  6. hanah

    i think it looks great. is it heated? is that y it melts really fast?

  7. douglas

    The ones pictures here will run you about $2,000., but do come with two ice block molds needed to make the block you start with. Please don’t push, there are plenty to go around.

  8. Dominic

    Now this is innovation at its best… Gotta hand it to the Japanese!

  9. Feer

    i want one *—–*

  10. Ed

    Clear ice cubes like that are made with distilled water. :)

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