Creative Outdoor Advertising

Creative Outdoor Advertising

This post features the most creative and fun outdoor advertising campaigns.

Hot Wheels Bridge

Giant image of a child was placed on pedestrian bridge in Mexico to make real cars look really tiny. Perfect ad campaign for the toy car brand.

Hot Wheels Bridge

LG Giant Fridge

Large fridge made by LG’s marketing team in Spain. [more giant objects]

LG Giant Fridge

Razor Billboard

Memorable outdoor ad for Martor Solingen extremely sharp razors featured sliced in half birds under the billboard. [more creative billboards]

Razor Billboard

Lynx Pocket Billboard

Unforgettable billboard from Lynx reminds you to never miss an opportunity.

Lynx Pocket Billboard

Malteser Stretcher

Emergency service in Frankfurt is looking for volunteers. [brilliant ads]

Stretcher Ad

Subaru Truck

Promotional campaign for Subaru Impreza featured a transporter which carried three upside down Subaru cars. [more truck ads]

Subaru Truck

Google Street View Ad

Street View arrows were placed on roads in Amsterdam. [pavement ads]

Google Street View Pavement Ad

Ad on a Plane

VAUDE equipment advertised on the wing of an airplane. [more cool ads]

Ad on a Plane

Firefox Crop Circle

Oregon State University students made Firefox crop circle. [unique ads]

Firefox Crop Circle

Berger Paint Billboard

Berger Paint Billboard

Sopranos Taxi Ad

Clever ads on cars were used to promote The Sopranos series on HBO.

Sopranos Taxi Ad

Steak Billboard

Innovative steak scented billboard was spotted in North Carolina.

Steak Scented Billboard

Mondo Pasta Boat Ads

Huge stickers of faces turned ships into giant pasta eaters. [sticker ads]

Mondo Pasta Boat Ads

Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus

This awesome bus advertisement in Denmark reminded everyone that Copenhagen Zoo is the wildest place in town. [more bus ads]

Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus

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  1. Cory

    I dont think a steak scented billboard is a very good idea. I’m not sure why, it just doesnt sit right with me

  2. Ismail

    The snake bus looks awesome :D

  3. chazzzz

    cool, don’t like the steak one either, but I am a vegetarian !

  4. Habibies

    Cool, and Amazing stuff

  5. Michalexpromo

    The snake one is perfect – I was looking at it for some time to understand that it’s not really a smashed bus :D

  6. Art of Concept

    The Razor Billboard is fantastic! Love the details in this concept!

  7. tass

    I’ve seen the snake bus live, it was quite a sight, great concept and realization.

  8. Ben

    Excellent! I love these series!
    I’m always surprised by the quality and the originality of the ads.

  9. evie

    I like the firefox crop circle

  10. emmajane

    The firefox crop circle, is amazing, it must have been hard to get the right design and proportions. Love the snake bus!

  11. David Nicklas

    i bet animal rights people flipped out about the fake dead birds.

  12. Karin L.


  13. Andrew

    haha – even the aliens know not to use Internet Explorer. xD

  14. didien

    hahaha.. the sopranos. shocking ads. :)

  15. sreenath

    the hotwheels promotion campaign is something really innovative and novel!
    damn the kids are gonna bug their parents for a pack or two !

  16. jaqi mugo

    Sopranos and razor blade disturbing

    Like the girl in the jeans pocket idea and the zoo snake

  17. Garrett

    I love when advertisers utilize the elements of the delivery medium. The Mondo Pasta Boat Ad is a great example but, how many people will actually see that ship? The google street view and the bus ad probably deliver the highest bang for the buck.

  18. sasahara

    I like the sopranos taxi ad, it is amazing

  19. ChEeSe

    i liked the hot wheel one best

  20. liz

    I love all these… my top three: pasta boats, giant kid with little “hotwheels”, and giant jeans pocket. Amazing how creative some people are!

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