School of Visual Arts “Think” Campaign

School of Visual Arts

Clever advertising campaign for the School of Visual Arts encourages people everywhere to “think” by giving them a place to write down their ideas.

School of Visual Arts: Toilet Paper

School of Visual Arts Toilet Paper

School of Visual Arts: Tray Liner

School of Visual Arts Tray Liner

School of Visual Arts: Sugar

School of Visual Arts Sugar

School of Visual Arts: Napkins

School of Visual Arts Napkins

School of Visual Arts Think Campaign

Advertising Agency: KNARF New York, USA

  1. Rachelle

    I go there! I’m a sophomore at SVA. So far I’ve seen the sugar packs and the napkins, which i thought was great, made jotting down ideas easier. the tray liner is cool, but I’m not sure how I feel about the toilet paper, that seems a little weird.

  2. Kid C

    Fantastic. Really like this.

  3. Casey

    I got in there! I’ll be a freshman next year if I can get the money to go. How are you liking it, Rachelle?

  4. Rachelle

    I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s horrible. If you have a choice (or even half a brain) don’t go there. Save your money.

    p.s. I love you.

  5. Dave

    Woow! they are all soooo good

  6. Paul Sample

    pretty creative, I have use all of them to draw my ideas, yep including the toilet paper.

  7. Jaqi Mugo

    How practical! Very useful for those pensive moments or when you have to write something quickly like a contact or mental note!

  8. Flx

    You put all this stuff in the same restaurant and no writer would go there.

  9. Kiera

    Wow, that is killer, I would use it. ^.^

  10. r10t3r

    Interesting ideas, but like most napkins, will end up in the bin.

  11. Jef

    the toilet paper is for the bad ideas.

  12. happyseaurchin

    hehehe @jef hehhaha
    nice thinking :)

  13. Maryland Inst. College of Art

    we did that 5 years ago at MICA…

  14. Lily

    I disagree with Rachelle. I also attend SVA and I think its a good school with a lot of opportunities. Depending on which teacher you’re taking you can get a lot out of the school program.

  15. Beezy

    great campaign

  16. Rachelle

    @ second Rachelle

    Thanks for stealing my name. It would’ve made more sense if you stole my information as well. So grow up please.

    @ Casey

    It’s a wonderful school. Indeed it’s a bit steep money wise but I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. The teachers are great and offer a lot of insight. I’ve shown people my work from high school and things I’ve done now and they notice a vast improvement.

  17. Totally Awesome

    I like the toilet one best, you get your eureka moments on the toilet they say.

  18. blogaboutnothin

    I would love to have the toilet paper one in my school. I would laugh in the bathroom all day long.

  19. AwesomeDude

    Oh wow! Notebook paper! HOW CLEVER!

    I could wipe some ideas onto that toilet paper for you and submit them. Maybe I’ll win a prize!

  20. anivamainali

    wow!!! indeed creative and kool, creative way to jot down ideas as it strikes..

    really loved the concept

  21. Josh

    :/ I just imagined that the Tray Liner paper came directly from the toilet paper. I don’t think I’m ever going to eat off a tray like that again.

  22. Paul

    This is a fantastic idea. I know this would get plenty of use at the engineering school I attend, we are always running out of paper. I could just see the graders flipping out about a calc assignment turned in on toilet paper.


    I do believe you’re my sister.

  23. Cody

    This is wonderful as it also makes people more concious that they are using paper. I mean that lined college ruled paper just has such a clear connection to what we consider to be paper, people are so unconcious of their effect when they go to a fast food resteraunt and see the menu, and plate, and sugar packets, and napkins. Wonderful has two wonderful meanings.

  24. linda

    but why do we need lined-papers in order to scribble down our tots? any piece of blank paper will do… dun waste the ink

  25. Rebecca

    I agree with linda. What a waste of effort. Blank paper is just as useful as lined paper. Thoughts don’t need to be jot down in a straight line.

  26. Gustavo

    Linda and Rebecca,

    It’s a cognitive response process…. lined paper is associated with writing more so than blank napkins, its easier to give in to writing on a napkin or sugar packet when it is adorned with a design preconceived for use in writing… simple marketing.

  27. seo

    Its quite hard to write on toilet paper if anyone has every tried it.

  28. David

    just to amuse myself I went to save the picture of the toilet paper… threw me for a second that it was titled schoolofart…

  29. jack

    Maryland Inst. College of Art….. douche comment, let them have their moment, ad ya know what they did it better

  30. Barbara

    love this, I think when you have a great idea that needs to get out of your head or written, you will write on anything, toilet paper included. LOL

  31. Darlene

    Great ideas come at various moments you don’t need lined paper to write them down. What I think it does though is to encourage and inspire people to write their ideas down. The lined one seems to be more “inviting” to write on than just the blank one, kind of saying its ok to be creative and write, not out of necessity of lines but a warm invitation to share ideas.
    If you saw a blank napkin or a lined one, which would you choose to write on?

  32. Borellus

    I want the toilet roll!

  33. Maggie

    I agree with the comments that the lined paper is not necessary–personally, I prefer blank paper for writing. But, I think this project also does something else (when I first saw it I thought that was the goal). It reminds people that they’re using paper when they’re doing simple tasks, like grabbing a napkin or wiping their bum. Conserving paper is absolutely necessary, but with little things like that we don’t always think of it.

    Also, is a sugar packet actually enough room to write anything worthwhile? :)

  34. Jared

    I am thinking about going there in two years, but I don’t know if I’m good enough. lol

  35. Heather

    you know how many times i have written on napkins? that is totally useful xD

  36. Eleanor

    @ Rachelle
    I think the toilet writing paper was meant for the bad teachers at your school :P

  37. ben

    gives an entirely new meaning to doing lines in the toilet :)

  38. stephanie

    I go here, and I have yet to see these? What building are they in? or business?

  39. Sam

    now all you need are some hanging pens like in the bank :)

  40. dootdoot

    how clever a waste of money.
    i wonder how much it cost the school to make all that crap.
    what an effing waste.

  41. scooba

    the point of the lines on stuff is not so that people will use it as a convenient place to write things, its not a recycling project, pasted from above “School of Visual Arts encourages people everywhere to “think” by giving them a place to write down their ideas”. they want to induce thought – which they are, effectively and uniquely, you just dont see this everywhere.

  42. Karen

    hmm.. i think it gets kinda dry after a while… seriously. everyday, every meal, every bathroom break, everytime you wipe yourmouth,…. >.<

  43. supermarket sarah

    I find ideas often come to me when I ‘m talking to someone about something else about something completely different. I feel rude but I start writing it down while they are still talking! :)sarah

  44. river

    I live in Australia and would like to know if this stuff is available to buy online.

  45. katie

    omg that is so cool it is lined paper everything

  46. Kim Jongmin

    Wow!! Look’s cool!!

  47. Jade

    y dont they supply pens i mean great that there is paper everywhere but what goods that if you cant write anythin down

  48. sheri

    The fact that this brilliant campaign illicited so many responses is testimony to the great success of the campaign ~ or shall I say more testimony? Its not about what you’d do with the supplied paper, its all about evoking rational thought. I would say the campaign is inarguably effective, and is much more complex in its design than one can possibly comprehend on a short and perfunctory glance. If this is what the school teaches its students, I don’t see how the elemental design concepts in use here can get much better for students. Right on, School of Visual Design! Nice work.

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