San Francisco made of Toothpicks

San Francisco made of Toothpicks

Amazing sculpture created by Scott Weaver out of 100,000 toothpicks.

Made over the course of 35 years, unique sculpture features multiple ball runs that allow you to go on “tours” of different parts of San Francisco.

“Rolling Through the Bay” toothpick sculpture will be on display in the Tinkering Studio until the end of June.

Toothpick Art

Toothpick San Francisco

Toothpick Windmill

Toothpick Bay Bridge

Toothpick City

Rolling Through the Bay

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  1. alkris14

    Beautiful… just beautiful..

  2. Zach

    This is what I Wood do if I had a lot of free time. Once I Pick the right sculpture to build, I can really get on a Roll. It would be a Ball to build something as Grain stream as this. It seems like a very Glue and interesting material to build with.But of course, no pun intended.

  3. someone else


  4. miggy

    this truly amazing lot of details and its also an interactive art, dont wanna get kids touch that

  5. J Jones

    35 years to get it to look like this?? Amazing.

  6. Larna

    Like Po in Kungfu Panda said: This is pure awesomeness!

  7. Prd


  8. flatsolid

    What I find most fascinating is an entire city’s nebulous collective memory projection onto a material cloud, equally chaotic, made of humble toothpicks.

  9. Lyndi

    Amazing…it would take me 2 lifetimes to finish this!

  10. James Ward

    Building this for the sake of self-fulfilment rather than money is extrodinarily refreshing.

  11. mi


  12. pandjoel

    super hard work, salut,,,

  13. Glenn Contreras

    I agree with “mi”: AMAZING.

    This man have a lot of patience!

  14. zach

    He has to have a lot of patience to make sculptures with that amount of POINT on precision. I guess it’s difficult to SnAP his concentration. Although I think he has to BRANCH out his variety of sculptures. If he doesn’t, people might start to get BOARD and he’ll have to walk the PLANK. I wonder if he will LEAF some parts out of his next sculpture so it will take less time to build. But if he did that it would only turn out OAKay. Who knows, he might be the ROOTS of a whole new art form. But you never know in art, you could be BARKING up the wrong tree. He could turn in to a WOODda been artists.

  15. ugh

    Puns aren’t funny

  16. zach

    Their PhUNny.

  17. dara

    imagine how cool it would be if every bingo hall had one of these to draw out the numbers?

  18. James

    35 years!!! I’m scared thinking about that getting smashed! UGH! stressful.

  19. edrover

    i wonder how many times it just fell apart and he just went mad because he had almost finished or had just made a really intricate piece and it just falls apart in front of him
    i know i would have got really annoyed if i was trying to make that!

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